3 Facebook Ad Hacks I Wish I Had Known Before I Spent $30,000 On Facebook Advertising

Yeah, you read right.

I spent $30,000 on Facebook Ads that generated me a big, fat zero in sales.

Some experts may say that it’s still a win because my pixel is learning, and I paid for data.

But after $30,000, you’d want at least one sale. Right?

In my new business, we’re now profiting for every $20 spend. We’re at ROAS of 3-5 daily.

All of this is possible because of simple shifts in the angle of our advertisements and simple hacks we put in place.

In this post I’m going to go through 3 of the hacks that we put in place that had the biggest impact in our advertising performance.

Hack 1: Videos, Videos, and Videos

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We literally spent $30,000 on Facebook ads through image creatives and carousels. It’s quite saddening to even say that.

This is by far the highest impact hack that we put in place. Video advertisements.

Most people think making videos is a big headache and super expensive.

We use InVideo to make our own videos so we don’t have to hire an expensive video editor.

It’s super easy and quick and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You can even start on the free version!

This small transition of image ads to video ads made the biggest difference in our ROAS.

People just simply engage with videos much more than photos.

You can express yourself better in the video and show how professional your business is (InVideo is a tool that makes it very simple for you to make professional videos, even if you suck at video editing like me).

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People like people. Show that you have a personality, you have a vision, and that you genuinely care for your customers. Videos give you this luxury. Plus, when you get higher engagement rates, Facebook will reward you with more impressions for a cheaper price (cheaper CPM’s).

If you learn anything from this article, or decide to only act on only one thing, let it be this. Videos.

Hack 2: Keep CHANGING Your Videos

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Creative fatigue occurs when a target audience has seen the same creative too many times. This can result in higher cost per action or fewer results for your budget.

Especially if you’re targeting a smaller, more specific audience (more about that in the next hack), your video will face ad fatigue much quicker. When this happens, the same people will start seeing your ad multiple times because there’s not enough people to show it to.

You’ll be able to see this statistic on the Frequency tab in your ads manager.

Image you were the person on Facebook, and you keep seeing the same ad over and over again, but you never even showed a single bit of interest in it (never clicked on the ad, never engaged with the ad). If you did engage or click on the ad, then that’s a different topic altogether, that will mean you are interested and you’ll be served with retargeting offers and video ads moving forward (but that’s a topic for another day).

Essentially, the more times you see an ad when you have shown no interest in it to begin with, the more chances you will simply just be annoyed by it, and never show interest in it (yet the advertiser has to keep paying every time people see it).

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In some cases, the viewer may even report or block the ad which damages the advertiser’s statistics and future reach.
Alternatively, you should incorporate multiple videos (creatives) into your ad set from the beginning and rotate them. The more ads you have in your ad sets, the longer your frequency will stay lower because the viewers will be served with different types of ads instead of the same video ad repeatedly.

Hack 3: Be EXTREMELY Specific

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Our last recommendation would be to get extremely specific with your customers avatar and your targeting.

Even if the pool of potential people to reach with your ad becomes smaller because you’re being very specific, it’s not a bad thing.

These are the people with the HIGHEST chance to buy from you.

And that’s what you need. Conversion data.


Purchasing conversions so that your pixel gets the right conversion data.
So that you can use that data to target other audiences and the pixel can find similar people to your buyers that are in other audience pools.

You can do this through your Facebook ads by not only automatically targeting the best potential customers inside your targeting pools, but by also creating lookalike audiences that Facebook creates that share similar characteristics, behaviours and interests to the people who buy from you.

The more specific you are, the better. You want to be able to get as many sales as possible for the cheapest price possible. So make sure to be extremely specific with your targeting to ensure you have the highest chances of getting purchase conversions.

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To wrap things up, it’s crucial that you take advantage of video advertisements, and that you don’t stay comfortable with one winning video, make sure to keep using heaps of different videos, testing them, and using variations of videos based on where the customer is in the buying process. Lastly, make sure to be extremely specific with your targeting. The more specific you are in your targeting, the high chances you will have to make sales for a cheaper price. Hence, more conversion data will be fed into your pixel, in which you can then take advantage of for future targeting, and lookalike audiences. If you follow these 3 hacks I’ve shared with you today, I have no doubt in my mind that your Facebook Advertising campaigns will improve overtime and you will be seeing better results.
If you’ve liked this article or have other tips or hacks that you feel are crucial for improving your Facebook advertising campaigns, then feel free to leave a comment and share them below!