How To Choose Between Assembled Kitchen Cabinets & RTA Kitchen Cabinets?

Home decorating is a very demanding project and creates a lot of stress for us. Because of that and other things, this project can take a long time. This mostly happens when people are indecisive and not organized enough. Definitely the most demanding room is the kitchen, because it contains a large number of elements. Therefore, you will want to think about all the options you have in time.

At the beginning, make a decision about whether you want assembled kitchen cabins or RTA kitchen cabinets. This will guide the rest of the project and you will finish the job very quickly while you are satisfied with the achievement. However, this decision is one of the common problems that many face. To help you decide as soon as possible, we have compared these two options.

RTA Cabinets


The full name of these cabinets is ‘Ready To Assemble’. So, it is clear to everyone what type of cabinets this is. They are immediately ready for installation, because they are delivered ready-made. You will assemble the parts just before installation, and their complexity depends on several factors. The most important factor is the design you choose. If this is something complicated, we are sure that you may want the help of an expert or a person who already has experience in assembling parts.

However, manufacturers generally put labels on all parts for this very reason. Therefore, we are sure that you will not have any difficulties when assembling. The parts are so prepared for installation that you will even get pre-drilled holes that you would otherwise make yourself. They are also cut to size and arrive at your address with all the accessories, parts and instructions.

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Assembled Cabinets


Unlike previous cabinets, assembled cabinets are pre-assembled. So, the owner will not have to assemble even the smallest parts afterwards. This also applies to drawers and hardware components, because everything is complete and in one part. This is exactly their biggest advantage, because it does not require additional work of the owner. You will also get a more complete product. Since it will be previously compiled by experts, they will have the right knowledge and tools for that. In return, you will pay for their professional services such as assembly by factory craftsmen, extra care and packaging materials. This way you get a safe delivery and your product remains undamaged.

Pros of Assembled Cabinets

If you opt for this option, you will get a much faster installation. This way you will not only save on the time and energy required for the works but also for what follows afterwards. It’s just the hard cleaning and tidying up of the mess you’re going to make. Since you are not an expert on a project like this, we are sure that it means a much bigger mess than expected. Best of all, you will be sure to get a quality and strong product.

The reason for this is the work of experts who will have the appropriate materials, tools, and quality craftsmanship. This way you get extremely durable. Not only will you get the product flawless but it will look exactly as you both imagined and ordered. Fortunately, there are plenty of sizes and design options. In this case you will have a warranty and replacement parts.

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Pros of RTA Cabinets


What attracts people the most with these cabinets is their low price. This is also a good option for all those who like to do things on their own. Parts are produced in large quantities, which means that you can adjust the material to your budget and desire. For example, you can opt for some types of wood or more modern alternatives and get a fantastic look. In addition, there is a wide range of finishes and colors, which means that you will also find the ones that fit your kitchen. Another good news is the possibility of storage. This means you can order them as a backup option and store them in storage until further notice. If you need new cabinets, you will install new ones very quickly.

Cons of RTA Cabinets

While fast delivery will arrive and you will save on hiring an installation expert, there are a few drawbacks you need to be prepared for. All this also implies a large expenditure of time on assembling parts, but also energy consumption. You will also incur additional costs for purchasing the right tools. There is one more thing you need to keep in mind, you will not get a KCMA certification. Since you will complete this project yourself, you are solely responsible.

If something goes wrong, the manufacturer will not be responsible for it or for the quality of the product. It happens that the colors do not match if the cabinets are produced at different times. We must not forget that their base is not as strong as with cabinets that are assembled by experts. The reason is the lack of adequate equipment and parts. For example, very simple screws and other tools are used without additional equipment such as high temperature adhesives, etc.

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Cons of Assembled Cabinets


The only downside is that you will probably wait much longer for delivery which can ruin your plans. However, if you organize on time, you will not have any problems. They are also quite expensive compared to RTA cabinets and you can only choose between existing colors, designs, sizes and other specifications.


Installing cabinets does not have to be laborious at all. All you have to do is make a decision that will benefit you. So think carefully about all the advantages and disadvantages of Assembled Kitchen Cabinets & RTA Kitchen Cabinets. Highlight what is really important to you such as quality-price ratio, installation method, delivery time and similar things. Also, think about the design you want, because not all cabinets are the same. Don’t forget to check the supplier, because he must be reliable and professional enough in every sense. Only then will your choice make sense.