How to Create a Trusting Atmosphere in Your Company

Many companies do not pay attention to the importance of trust between employees. Discover all the advantages it has for your company in this post.

Trust in an organization is vital for it to move forward. With it, we can achieve a considerable increase in the performance of employees in our company there is. Apart from creating a positive work environment, that helps to have greater loyalty from employees, causing stability in the organization.

The generation of a culture of trust within the team must start with the leaders. The leader must act with integrity, being consistent with his speech and his actions. Communication is an important element. It must be clear and transparent. In an environment where rumors run rampant, trust cannot be built. The leader must be the first to trust, show his vulnerability, and admit to his mistakes and weaknesses.

But for you to achieve all these advantages, the first thing you have to do is make a series of changes. We teach you various ways to improve trust between employees:

Look on the positive side:

When there are problems, employees are often worried, especially about the future of their employment situation. That is why as a boss or manager you have to take care of approaching problems positively as if they were challenges. That way, employees will be calmer and they will see that you have the situation under control.

Team building activities:


Team building is activities aimed at building the team and helping them connect with each other better. Usually held during a whole day or in several sessions, they can be aimed at developing a specific aspect such as confidence.

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Exercises simply aimed at getting to know each other better will help. This can be done within the organization, by the team leader himself. But you can go further, with the help of a professional, and work on the vulnerability of the members and/or use activities where they experience the advantages that mutual trust has for the team.

Transmit trust:

As a chief manager or team lead, try to be a good role model. Your employees already see you as their superior, what you have to do is make them see you as someone they can trust, and see that their problems can be solved together.

To do this you have to believe in yourself first, show everyone that the goals you set for yourself are possible, and you believe you can achieve them. And that despite the problems, you are capable of moving forward independently.

Tools to build team trust:


Although building team trust is something that requires consistent actions over time, some tools can help speed up the process. One of the best ones to start with is Leadar. On this website, you can find the right and genuine employees by checking their basic details and work experience. Employing the right talents will already be a big step.

Do not change your attitude:

As the head of the company, you have to avoid constant changes in attitude, since these cause instability among employees, which consequently causes them to have little confidence in the decisions you would make in complicated situations.

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To avoid this, you have to stand firm with the decisions you make, and show that you have control over any situation. The decisions you make, make them with consistency and share information at the right time, without leaving aside your concerns and keeping secrets. They must see that you care about them, that way, they will care about you.

Your image is the image of the employees:


Although we do not realize it, the attitude we have in the company is the attitude that the workers take and that consequently affects the relationships between them. If you are always in a serious state and are a closed person, your employees will likely do the same in their jobs.

Maintaining a positive attitude, caring for people, but at the same time working, will cause employees to start behaving like this with you, and eventually with each other. What need is there to always work seriously?


Team coaching consists of the employment of an external professional who will accompany the team to progress and improve. It is a global process in which we work specifically on the needs of the team.

Trust is largely forgotten in organizations, but now, think about all the benefits that such trust would bring, both for your company and the workers and members of your team. It is worth starting to practice it today.

Reward correctly:


Rewarding the person who deserves it forces others to want the same thing, therefore they will work until they achieve it. Promoting the one who has done it right can have many positive results on the opinion that your employees have of you. They will see that you care about them and that you know how to notice when there is someone who has done a good job. Try not to reward people for anything and everything, that way this technique will lose strength, although from time to time it always lifts our spirits.

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Now that you know how to improve trust in your company, it’s time to look in the mirror and ask yourself, is there a good relationship of trust in my organization?

360º evaluation:

360º performance evaluations, where every one of the team members evaluates and is evaluated, are a good tool that can promote trust. However, it is necessary to apply it with caution, because if it is not used properly, it can have the opposite effect.

Simon Sinek, the author of Leaders Eat Last (Why Some Teams Work and Others Don’t), says you can’t teach people to trust. Trust is a feeling that evolves and requires a series of actions that prove that you can trust.

Therefore, trust is not something that can be achieved overnight. It is something that needs to be built with the actions of each day. Nor is it something that once achieved is simply maintained, trust can be lost if events occur that cause mistrust.

We hope these tips will help you to create a trusting atmosphere in your company.