5 Services That Agencies Can Resell To Their Clients in 2024

The digital disruption has opened the floodgates for marketing and PR agencies to heighten their revenue levels. Reselling is one of the viable approaches for budding entrepreneurs to build their business. You would definitely not prefer to utilize all your resources in a specific service? There comes the importance of reselling while making the most of white label business opportunities. If you are looking for internet advertising agencies to work with on these subjects then AIAD is a great choice.

What is the white label business opportunity?

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Most of us haven’t come across the term ‘white label’. You may wonder why white label and what is the concept of white label marketing. White label business opportunities are widely available on the internet. Most companies prefer to add new items to their product/service line. However, it calls for necessary modifications in the business strategy.

With a white label business opportunity, you can bring in new products/services without being the least bothered about up-front investment. You can also go with the best SEO reseller programs by a Company like EZ Rankings for your clients or your organization.

Reselling of services: Why is it the call for the day?

With the advent of next-gen technologies like AI, machine learning, and IoT, white label business opportunities have gained an added dimension. A white label reseller program not just curbs your expenses but it also has several other benefits.

According to popular market statistics, 20% of startups fail in their initial year, 30% fail in their second year, and 50% of them bite the dust after five years. However, 70% of the owners of small businesses fail after the tenth year.
Several small-sized businesses fail to adhere to their budget while prioritizing the aspects of market research and resource quota. If you are in a dilemma regarding this matter, reselling has the answer as it helps you to meet both ends in the form of 100% client satisfaction and a high-profit margin. Reselling also has other benefits as discussed under:

  • Massive fall in internal overhead charges
  • Significant rise in profit and revenue margins per client
  • A company opting for reselling of services gets the scope to scrutinize its new services before modifying business operations
  • Builds long-lasting client relations.
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Common services that companies resell to their clients

Most agencies are reselling the below-mentioned services to their clients:

1. Hosting:

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A website is integral to a new-age business. If you are the owner of a web development agency, maximizing revenues through gaining new clients shouldn’t be the only objective. Try something different. Adding new services like hosting in your offerings can come in handy especially if it is done through reselling. It’s indeed a great idea to offer your clients a customized scheme of hosting services at pocket-friendly rates.

The best SEO reseller programs lay stress on collaborating with a cloud hosting provider for reselling your hosting services. But before that, do extensive research to get access to the right cloud hosting providers. Compatibility is the key when you are partnering with someone. Cloud hosting providers with transparent pricing schemes are a reliable choice. Opting for them will also help you in sticking to your profit margins.

2.Content marketing:

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In the SEO and digital marketing domain, there is a popular saying, “Content is King”. Posting a fresh and well-researched article/blog can work wonders for your site. Content marketing as a service is rapidly gaining in popularity as clients are feeling the pressing need to enhance the user engagement rates of their sites. Who doesn’t want their sites to appear on the first page of Google? After all, they are spending bucks for it.

Most clients demand quality blogs, articles, and whitepapers be posted periodically as it gives an added dimension to their ad campaigns. Focus on the client’s needs and address your dedicated team of writers to complete the tasks within the deadline.

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3. Social media management:

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The best friend of Millennials is their smartphones. Most of us spend our leisure time gazing at the smartphone screen and browsing social media sites. For local agencies, social media is embedded with both opportunities and challenges. Clients get a chance to voice their brand authenticity through social media channels. It also helps to reach the target audience within a short period.

By showcasing unique brand features in the pages of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, companies are intriguing potential customers to take action. However, social media management also has several hassles involved.

Your clients need to structure content and make posts for promoting their brands.

However, they may not get the required time for this activity. In this regard, they are more likely to seek assistance. Most clients look for a one-stop solution and if your firm fulfills these criteria, there is no looking back.

Talk to the social media marketers of your agency so that they can understand the client’s requirements precisely and thereby, structuring posts for social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

4. Reputation monitoring tool:

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It is one of the best SEO reseller programs for obvious reasons. Nowadays, we tend to check the reviews before opting for a service. Needless to say, every client wants positive online feedback in the review platforms. Your clients are not an exception. Your client’s online reputation has very much to do with your agency after all ‘growing together’ is what modern businesses believe. To give your clients the best opportunity in 2024, a viable approach is to sell reputation management services.

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Implementing this procedure is not quite tough.

You should have an access to a dashboard that will collect client data from several reviews and listing sites. After that, delivering strong feedback relating to the client’s offerings will help them to succeed in a perfectly competitive market arena.

5. Video creation service:

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Posting video content on websites in the trend nowadays. If your client’s site has video content, it is likely to get more responses from potential customers. Also, Google prioritizes sites with video content.

In most cases, clients don’t have the time and knowledge regarding the creation of high-quality video content. A video creation service agency can address their needs precisely. If your firm provides a video creation service, it is immensely helpful to your clients.

With the best SEO reseller programs, the owners of small-sized businesses get the necessary direction to channelize their reselling strategies. The above-mentioned reselling services are hugely profitable if implemented correctly.