8 Cryptocurrencies That Will Survive The Next 10 Years!

Cryptocurrency has been making ripples all over the financial world over the past few years. With people earning millions through investing in Bitcoin and Dogecoin, crypto is slowly rising in popularity over the ages. There are so many cryptocurrencies circulating in the market right now. Which has the maximum potential? Which will be on top in the next few years?

It is easy to purchase cryptocurrency. All you need is a compatible wallet and tools that help you micromanage your finances. Many well-known cryptocurrency exchanges exist which guide you in what cryptocurrency to purchase. The wallet has to store your blockchain link so that you can access your crypto coins at any time. The crypto market is volatile for sure, but with thorough research, you can invest in really strong cryptocurrencies that would be very significant in the years to come.

What are a few cryptocurrencies that will remain strong in the coming years?

1. Dogecoin

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Now, this is a phenomenal cryptocurrency that has made ripples in the world ever since Tesla CEO Elon Musk has eyed it. He’s tweeted so much about Doge that it could be said that he single handedly was responsible for the rise of its prices. This led to him being termed as the Dogefather. Dogecoin has stayed strong over the past years and in fact, quite recently it saw a huge jump in values getting people high percentages of returns.

Tesla after banning any transactions with Bitcoin has said that they will be using Dogecoin for any crypto payments thus keeping this crypto in the market for quite a long time.

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2. Bitcoin

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We cannot have a crypto article without mentioning Bitcoin. This was one of the first cryptocurrencies to ever be a hit and its value has seen a huge boost over the years. It is called the king of crypto and was developed by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. It still runs on a primitive blockchain technology which raises concerns about its environmental friendliness.

This is the reason Tesla said that they won’t be dealing with Bitcoin anymore. This caused a massive slump in Bitcoin prices and many people lost a bit of money. However, Bitcoin regained steadiness yet again and now is still going strong. This classic cryptocurrency won’t be going anywhere soon and this could be worth investing in. You can visit this site to learn more about it.

3. Litecoin

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This is the next biggest thing after Bitcoin. Litecoin has high liquidity value and a good market cap. It has above 80 million coins in circulation, unlike Bitcoin. Mining Litecoin is faster too because of improved blockchain technology. The average mining time is just two minutes and this is a leading altcoin in the market right now. It is said to be an improved version of Bitcoin and would soon be a well-used cryptocurrency for sure.

4. Ethereum

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This is such a fast and upcoming cryptocurrency with its reach almost everywhere. It has completely capitalized the NFT market and it is the best crypto for businesses. It has smart contracts features where developers integrate it with desktop and mobile applications that run on blockchain technology. It is in the top spot among all altcoins and ETH tokens are going to have massive uses.

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The value of this crypto will remain stable in the coming years. ETH tokens are already dynamic in the markets right now, it won’t be long before we see them used a lot.

5. Cardano

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This crypto’s game is very strong. It is almost garnering a cult. It was created and developed in 2015 and runs on two different types of blockchain. One manages transactions and payment whereas the other manages the smart contracts. Hence, this results in a very seamless operation of crypto transactions.

This crypto has a lot of Japanese investors and we all know the economy of Japan is quite rapidly developing. Cardano is called Japanese Ethereum as it uses a Proof of Stake algorithm that Ethereum has always wanted to do. It has a market cap ranging in billions and would do really great in the times to come.

6. Binance Coin

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This is a lesser known but strong cryptocurrency that is really stable. It has a strong business history and is also termed as a utility token. It is very useful and used a lot in business transactions. You can even use this to buy other crypto on the Binance Exchange which is convenient.

Binance Exchange is a rapidly growing crypto exchange platform with lots of potential and its token Binance Coin is a stable link between fiat and other cryptos. This will stay in the market for sure when businesses start crypto trades and transactions so it would be a good crypto to hold on to.

7. Ripple

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This is another stable crypto that is tweaked a bit differently. It is developed in a startup meant for financial settlement services so that transactions can be conducted on a global scale. It has already collaborated with large banks and firmly incorporated itself into bank workings for trade.

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This has been increasing rapidly in both value and application. Its collaboration with the Bank of America showcases its vast potential and this crypto looks like it will be here for a long time. The target of Ripple is to be used for institutional investments and payments, so ensures stability, privacy and seamlessness of payments.


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This is a strong cryptocurrency founded on Ethereum but now is highly independent. It also uses the Proof of Stake algorithm and thus the transactions are seamlessly conducted. It has a huge market cap already and its rising popularity predicts a further increase in value! It hosts more decentralized apps and hence is a fast-rising favorite of cryptocurrency holders.


There are many other crypto with immense potential like Zcash, Bitcoin Cash, etc. But these are the top 8 cryptos we can guarantee that won’t go anywhere. The cryptocurrencies are fast evolving to contribute increased privacy and speed of payments. This makes it a futuristic currency type. In the next ten years, we will definitely see a huge increase in the number of crypto transactions, so keeping a crypto portfolio would be very advisable now and in the future.