Contractor Management 101: How to Effectively Manage Your Workforce In Canada – 2024 Guide

Depending on what kind of business you are running, handling and monitoring day to day operations of contractors can be a challenge. Especially in cases when their duties are to be performed elsewhere. This is something human resource management professionals have been dealing with forever in Canada. Since the market is constantly changing, and technology is advancing, there is an everlasting need to adapt the system of managing the workforce, so that everything functions immaculately. 

What is the so-called workforce management?


It is a set of human resource management processes in the company that are applied with the aim of maximizing the productivity and expertise of employees. This is achieved by ensuring that human resources are in the right place at the right time doing the right kind of work. In other words, these processes include all activities that are necessary to preserve the productivity of the workforce in Canada. In a modern organization, such a process is supported by special software solutions, at times developed especially for certain counties. 

Since managing contractors can be a challenge, a good solution may be to hire a service t do this for you. Such services are called the employer of record services, in most countries, and their biggest benefit is the knowledge and experience of handling the workforce in a certain country. So, for example, if you have just started doing business in Canada, and you need help in handling contractors, you can utilize country-specific Canada employer of record platforms

Now, you must be wondering what functions these services support. Well, most of them support the following: 

  • staff deployment,
  • time and attendance tracking,
  • tracking absences (holidays, sick leave…),
  • overtime monitoring,
  • payroll processing and benefits administration,
  • time and presence analytics.
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Some can also do the entire onboarding and offboarding process for your company. Best of all, once the above is established and functioning, your business needs not to worry whether or not everything complies with labor regulations in Canada. 

There are many benefits to approaching your workforce in the right way, especially in terms of improving company productivity. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about human resource management and how choosing the right approach can help your Canadian company thrive.

A good software solution is a must-have

Effectively managing the workforce begins with personnel planning and ends with time card reports used to process payroll and optimize work productivity. A good software solution supports the entire process from start to finish and everything in between. A good workforce management software solution allows a company to:

  • shifts are optimally planned (without too much planning)
  • employees are paid for actual working hours, based on accurate records of working hours
  • employees or contractors do not abuse working from remote locations
  • absences are reduced to a minimum, and deviations at the individual or team level are avoided
  • overtime costs are under control 

Human resource management processes are digitized and optimized to guarantee that precious working hours are not wasted on inefficient administration.

Although the software will do most of the things itself, here’s an overview of which steps needs to be taken, in order for workforce management to run smoothly. 

Manpower planning

To plan your manpower, you need first to create a work plan. You’ll do this effectively if you follow several steps:

  • Analysis of the volume of work in the previous period;
  • Forecasting the volume of work for the next time interval;
  • Highlighting staffing needs for the target period (depending on the expected workload, target performance, etc.), shifts for the next period, and the number of people needed for each shift;
  • Define which activity should be performed by each of the contractors at each time interval in the assigned shifts.
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Forecast of staffing needs

For workforce planning to be successful, short-term, medium-term, and long-term staffing needs must be accurately predicted. The software solutions we wrote about allow you to accurately and easily forecast staffing requirements for all incoming, outgoing, combined, and reserve resources for clients in Canada.

Making the right decisions involves taking into account skill levels, schedule constraints, restrictions imposed by regulatory agencies, set goals, and service levels.

Analysis and monitoring

The software is expected to record any deviation between the planned schedule and the actual situation, in real-time. Also, it can be determined whether the forecasts regarding your staffing needs are correct and whether everything is going according to the adopted plan.

Comprehensive reports in Canada, based on your needs, help you compare goals with actual data, with just one click of a button.

In this way, you can monitor employee productivity. You have the advantage of being able to solve problems immediately. Using this data, you can evaluate the efficiency of contractors. It also helps you make smarter choices. Organizations with remote employees can gain a lot by using these tools.

Improves relationships and collaboration in the workplace


Because the messenger failed to notify you or left you a piece of paper that you didn’t notice, you may have missed the information that the staff will be on vacation for the time being. Now you can pay homage to that question.

It can be very stressful and difficult to schedule 50 or more workers in a given week or month, but these tools allow workers and managers to interact in real-time. A group work plan designed and managed by employees, not administrators, has a significant positive effect on the morale and reliability of the entire company.

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Security measures

Cybersecurity in Canada is one of the most beneficial features of an effective quality management system. Therefore, saving data in the system allows you to avoid complicated circumstances. Protect it from data loss or theft. Limiting access to information to only a small number of management positions is a wise choice. As a consequence, cloud-based data protection is guaranteed.

We’ve mentioned in the beginning how the labor market is ever-changing, and with the widespread change in the way people function, adaptation becomes increasingly important. Making the switch as early as possible will allow you to get used to the latest techniques and keep you one step closer to your rivals.