Designing an Engagement Ring on a Budget: Tips and Tricks for Saving Money

Is it time to choose an engagement ring? Congratulations! Buying an engagement ring is a huge life adventure that requires an investment of time and money. But money can sometimes be an issue. No worries, because today, you can find a breathtaking engagement ring to buy, without spending a fortune.

Are you planning to “hunt” for the perfect piece of jewelry together, or will the chosen one of your heart do it behind your back? Whatever you decide, with a little knowledge and information – the perfect ring is right there, within reach, fitting right on your finger and your budget. Here are some tips and tricks to help you save money.

1. Choose an adequate size

If you want a big ring, but you don’t have a big enough budget, the best solution is to choose another one that the money can cover. Here’s a trick – instead of a 1-carat stone, choose a ring that has a 0.8 stone. This way you can save a lot, without sacrificing the look of the ring you want.

2. Shapes vary in price


As with other things in life, the shape of a diamond is a very important element. Round shapes are market leaders. Cushion cuts (rounded corners with larger facets) and princess cuts (square or rectangular) are also in high demand and popular among brides. Of course, trends shouldn’t dictate your shopping choices. The shape of the diamond should reflect the character of the girl who wears it. If your chosen one is more traditional – pay attention to round diamonds. Princess cuts are very sophisticated and feminine – for gentle female souls, while cushion cuts go well with dynamic and adventurous girls. Oval, as well as emerald cuts (a square piece with 72 facets), are also available. If you thought about Asscher cut diamond, visit this site. Whatever your choice is to choose the shape that fits your budget and her nature.

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3. Go for a different kind of stone

At times, traditional diamonds may be out of our reach, but this shouldn’t discourage you. You’ve probably heard that there are lab-made diamonds that are significantly lower in price, but when it comes to quality, are the same as the natural made ones. The only difference is in the place where they were created. Natural ones have been created deep inside the earth’s core, while stones like moissanite have been formed inside a lab.

4. The color of gold

The first and last rule is – to be creative! Listen to your chosen one, the person whose style and character you have come to know well by now. For most women, the engagement ring represents an important detail in the overall look, so it is important that you do your best when buying. Does your lady prefer yellow, white, or rose gold jewelry? Take a look at her jewelry and clothing collection, and learn more about her taste.

Today, combinations of rose and white gold are especially popular, which exude modernity and sophistication. However, do not allow yourself to be a slave to trends, but follow your inner voice. Our advice is that, if it is a lady with a lighter complexion and hair, choose an engagement ring made of yellow or rose gold, which will further emphasize her loveliness and tenderness. If, on the other hand, the chosen one of your heart has darker skin and hair, then a white gold engagement ring is the right choice for her.

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Don’t let money limit you, but be realistic about what you can afford. A clear budget will make shopping easier and save you time. The most expensive ring is not a guarantee of your love, so we recommend you not to overdo it.

Following these pieces of advice we gave you should keep you from exceeding your budget, but nailing the engagement ring shopping. After all, you want her to say yes as soon as she sees it. There’s one final piece of advice we should give you, and it involves choosing the right size ring. The last item on this list is actually the most important. How to choose the right ring? Consider the shape and size of her fingers. You don’t want a ring that’s going to fall off her fingers or, god forbid, stop her circulation. It often happens that young men find the perfect ring, but get its size wrong. In order to avoid such situations and unnecessary stress, it is important to determine, at least approximately, the size of the engagement ring with the help of one of the measurements you can find on the Internet.

Many people think that rings can be made smaller and bigger later if you buy the wrong size. In some cases, this is indeed possible, but it is riskier because most rings do not have enough room to expand or contract. Before buying, be sure to check the size several times and make sure that the ring size is ideal for you.

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If she is the type of woman who wants to wear a beautiful engagement ring on her hand all the time. But she’s also the type of woman who likes to cook big dinners with lots of dishes, which means your hands (if you don’t have a dishwasher) are under water most of the time. It is important to choose a ring that will fit into her daily life and habits. Hence, all of what we have mentioned earlier has to fit into her lifestyle.

Buying the right rind is important. It is the symbol of your everlasting love and should be something that lasts. It can also be turned into a family asset that is passed on from one generation to the other. How beautiful it is to leave your engagement ring for generations to come.