Speech on Determination

True grit is what best characterizes determination; it is this desperate need to survive against all odds that make a person determined. And while it is a common trait, the fact remains that not all of us are equally determined as others to win at all costs. So what is it that helps make some of us more determined than others? Is it because some of us are born that way while others are not?

Speech on determination

Not really, while determination is not a genetic trait, there are enough examples to point out that true determination runs in families. For example, if your grandmother on your mother’s side was known for her determination then chances are good that you would be equally determined, if not more. But this is not to imply that true grit and determination are not something that you are born with, rather it has more to do with your personality and your development, more than anything else.

Irrespective of whether you have a determined grandmother or not, it all boils down to the atmosphere you were exposed to as a youngster and to the various influences that helped to shape your personality. That’s why grandkids that have been exposed to the character trait of their grandmothers are more likely to pick up her ‘determination’ than those who are just biological descendants of the same lady. It is this determination that helps you to face various challenges head-on and to overcome the same, irrespective of the personal cost. Without this determination, most of us would face extreme difficulty to even face up to the simplest of challenges.

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At the end of the day, it all comes down to what you are willing to do and to what extent you are willing to go in order to succeed. Your determination can play an important role and shape your thoughts and actions. Generally, you will find those with determination to be quite decisive when it comes to their thought process and the various choices they make. By being decisive, determined people are able to rate better when it comes to critical thinking and even cognitive processes. This is not to imply that all the determined people are smart but just that they are able to better accomplish some tasks than others.

Stress also plays an important role as to whether you turn out to be a determined individual or not; some of the youngsters often face undue pressure while growing up and this often fed into their need to succeed no matter what. As a result, they soon grew up to become determined individuals who saw success early on because of their true grit and determination. It is this determination that often sets us apart from other species, including our humanity, and why we tend to persevere where other species do not. It is also this very determination that has enabled us to overcome various hurdles and to launch the first satellite into space. Determination is a core character trait that would do us all a world of good and make us achieve the impossible.