Is There Any Difference Between European and African Lotteries?

When we mention the word lottery, it is more or less clear to everyone that these are games of chance in which the gamer invests and earns money. But do you know when and how the lottery came about? The first information about the lottery comes to us from the year 200 BC, from China. Financing the Great Wall of China required a lot of funding, and to fill the coffers for this megalomaniacal project, the Han dynasty devised a lottery. To this day, the rules in the lottery world have changed, but the essence has remained the same. Although the first data date from China, the name of the lottery comes from the Dutch word “lot” which means destiny.

From then until today in most countries the state dictates the rules and prints the ballots. In addition to the state, companies and charities can do that, but not without its approval. Lottery papers are sold. When you buy a ticket, you need to circle certain numbers, and on the day of the draw, we are waiting to see if we got the right number and did we earn some money. Most often, this draw is public. Prizes depend on the number of sold tickets and can be in the form of money or material resources. However, some governments have banned the lottery, while others only approve of the national lottery. Every government takes a position on the lottery and imposes a certain degree of regulation.

As we have already said, some countries support this game, some don’t, and we are still interested in whether lottery regulations differ from continent to continent. Specifically, is there any difference between European and African lotteries?

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European lottery


When it comes to the European lottery, the most famous and at the same time the largest lottery in Europe is Euromillions. This international lottery was created in 2004. It is also available in the UK, Switzerland, Spain, the Isle of Man, Monaco, Portugal, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, French Irish, Belgium, Andorra and Austria. Euromillion can be played by any adult (18+) citizen of one of the listed countries. The essence is more or less the same: you choose 5 numbers ranging from 1 to 50, and you have the option of choosing 2 lacy star numbers from a group that has 12 numbers. Pay the money and wait for the draw. The only difference in playing the euro million between these countries is that Portugal, Spain and Switzerland are exempt from taxes.

In addition to this lottery, there is also the very popular Eurojackpot. You can play the Aurojackpot in Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Slovak Poland, Norway, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Iceland, Hungary, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, the Czech Republic and Croatia. The principle of playing is almost identical like with Euromillion, except that in addition to 5 regular ones, you choose two more from the group that has not 12 but 10 numbers.

In third place is Vikingloto, which, you can guess, is played in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia and Belgium. Here the basic 6 numbers are chosen on a scale from 1 to 48, the bonus only one number between 1 and 8.

We have listed three more common lotteries that operate internationally. However, every country in Europe has a set of specific regulations and has its national lotteries. The national lottery was launched in the UK in 1994 and was renamed the Lottery in 2002. The main game consists of choosing 6 numbers between 1 and 59. Lucky Star allows you to choose 6 random numbers. Spain has a national lottery called Loteria del Nino, which is held only once a year on January 6. players must be 16 or older and this lottery looks more like a raffle than a lottery. Players buy tickets with randomly selected numbers and wait for a draw. Since several hundred million euros will be awarded once a year. German Lottery bays49 has existed since 1974 and is available to all adult residents of Germany. On a scale from 1 to 49, you choose 6 numbers, and you have the option of another Superzahl on a scale from 0 to 9.

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African lotteries


Lotteries are very popular throughout the African continent and lotteries can be found everywhere across the continent. Morocco and Algeria are dominant in North Africa, where the lottery is incredibly popular. In East African countries such as Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozanbik, Mauritius, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Burundi, you can have access to many very interesting lottery games. The same thing is with both western and central parts of the continent. In June, the most popular is the National Lottery of South Africa. It has existed since 2000 and is simply called Lotto. In South Africa, ten people are playing the South African lottery. Just 5 years after its founding, this lottery has created 473 millionaires. This lottery is considered an invaluable national asset in South Africa and offers a range of fun lottery games. Best of all, it has a huge socially beneficial impact on the community and society in goblin.

Lotteries in Africa are legal and most national lotteries in African countries are government-owned.

Becoming a millionaire overnight is a dream of each of us. But in Kenya, this dream is coming true. Kenyans buy hundreds of tickets and wait for their lucky star. The most popular here is Powerball, where the jackpot is around 25 million dollars. However, due to the great status difference, only 10 percent of Kenyans can afford this enjoyment, even though the payment is only 1 dollar.


When it comes to Nigeria and the African lottery, there is a website where you can get all the clear and precise information about the lottery in Nigeria. Here it is specified where and how the cards can be bought. The real gameplay is explained and you have recommendations on how to protect yourself from scams. Of course, current lottery results are available 24 hours a day. in addition to the information itself, you have a large number of games on the site, among which stands out GG world Keno. This game is incredibly popular and very simple. This is an online ogre that lasts 4 minutes and the new game starts immediately after the end of the previous one. Each player has the right to bet on proves that appear on a grid of 36 boxes. The player chooses his numbers and can choose from one number to 10 numbers. A total of 20 numbers are drawn. Just because it is simple, easy and fast, this game is simply adored.

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