Distance Learning: Pros and Cons

Now there is more and more talk about the second wave of coronavirus and the new isolation. It may be worth preparing to spend this time more profitably.

How to enter the university remotely

Many people wonder, how to enter the university remotely?

First of all, it depends on where you apply. If we’re talking about distance courses, it’s quite simple. Normal registration – and you can start learning. But if you choose distance learning for more serious education, you will need to go through all the formalities of admission from the university.

The procedure of admission and the set of required documents is generally defined by law but may differ somewhat depending on the university, the distance learning program, and the specific specialty.

It is easier to enroll in distance learning than in full-time or part-time form because you do not have to go to the university and communicate with representatives of the admissions committee.

Let’s consider both the benefits and the disadvantages of online learning, as well as tell you what you need to know before you decide to study remotely.

The benefits

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Anywhere, anytime

One of the undoubted advantages of online learning is the opportunity to study from anywhere in the world, the ability to choose several courses, and have time to do everything. It saves time because there’s no need to go to the classroom at a specific time. All you need to connect to the program is a computer and fast Internet.


Online courses are usually cheaper than offline training and you’ll have extra money for EssayAssistant to use homework helper. At the same time, the active growth of the industry promotes more choice and better quality content. The best universities in the world have made their programs available.

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Any pace of learning

You can wake up in the morning and listen to a lecture. Over a lunch sandwich, flip through study materials, sit on a bench in the park to do your homework. You choose not only the location but also the time you are willing to spend on your studies each day. Some courses require active inclusion in the study, but even in this case, you can find the most convenient option for yourself.

Nothing distracts you

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You study when it’s convenient, choosing a comfortable time and place. No one will judge you if you are in your pajamas stroking your cat.

All materials at your fingertips

Many programs provide materials and online resources for their students. You can explore them, diving as deep into a topic as you want.

There are a lot of disadvantages to distance learning, too. But with some effort, you can minimize them. However, you should always remember that online education will never be equal to classical education in classrooms.

The main advantage of distance learning is accessibility for any category of students, including those for whom the traditional form of education is not available for objective reasons.

So, the disadvantages of online education…

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You are left alone with the program

You have enrolled in an educational course, opened the program, listened to a lecture, and made an assignment. However, all the questions and thoughts that you have along the way, you have to sort out on your own. You lack context, communication, and discussion.

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Tip: Choose programs that have teacher feedback. If the class is live via Zoom, then you will have a chance to communicate and ask questions.

Laziness and lack of discipline

One of the hardest things about distance education is time management and self-discipline. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to study. Household chores, evening shows call…

Tip: Before you start studying, write down in detail your motivation. What is your purpose in going to study? If there is a clear understanding and desire, then you will find the time and will not sneak out of classes.

Information “won’t fit”

The instructor is competent, there is a lot of information, you want to go to a specific program and you are ready to study. But you cannot: the information is not assimilated, the product is not ready for consumption. A common problem with online courses is that they are made in an offline format. It is important that the lecture is more structured, that there is a presentation and designed slides. Watching a talking head for an hour and a half is tiring.

Advice: find out in advance in what format the lectures are held. If possible, purchase a trial lesson.

Lack of practice

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Distance learning most often takes place in a lecture format. As a consequence: students have a wealth of knowledge of theory, but lack practical skills.

Tip: When choosing courses, pay attention to seminars and workshops, the opportunity to intern, and practice. If it is not indicated on the course page, you can specify it separately.

Online learning lacks human contact

This idea that the rich don’t stick to screens but are willing to pay for human interaction was voiced back in a sensational article in The New York Times. Human contact is very important. It’s a luxury item, not only because offline learning is more expensive than distance learning in a financial sense, but also because communication has become more valuable in the pandemic era.

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Of course, the human experience has to be human. And online education will never replace classical education. But with careful and informed choice, it is a good opportunity for self-development.

How to pass a session remotely

Passing exams is always associated with mental and emotional stress, great mental tension, and responsibility, because in a short time you need to repeat a large amount of material, to pass several subjects, to communicate with different examiners. Distance session is not only nerves, it is not only a test of knowledge and ability to work independently. Such a session teaches you to set goals, solve problems, think rationally and control yourself. How to pass the session remotely on excellent?

Tips for successful passing of the session:

  • Cherish your time. Put all unnecessary things aside and get down to business.
  • Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.
  • Remember that monotonous work tires more quickly than varied work, so on the last day before the exam trying to perform all tasks in an emergency mode, you will get tired very quickly.
  • Remember that brain capacity is not limitless, and on the last day before the exam, you will not have time to do everything.
  • Create a good environment for the classes.
  • Talk to your teachers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and leave comments.
  • Behave rationally during the session.