Reasons You Should Carry Out Dryer Vent Cleaning Regularly

When it comes to our home, there isn’t much we wouldn’t do to make and adjust it to our likes. Furthermore, it seems like there is always something new, some new appliance or device that will fit perfectly to our kitchen, and more often than not, we end up spending tons of money on things that, in the end, we end up not using, or at least not as much.

On the other hand, there are other house-related things that require our attention. One of those things is about regular and proper maintenance of the dryer vent. Namely, people often forget the fact that these vents simply need cleaning, as if not, potential hazards are vast.

Most homeowners do not remember to carry out dryer vent cleaning because they do not know the type of hazards the dirt dryers could cause. Every time you clean clothes, lint is trapped on the dryer vent. The lint builds up slowly, and if not cleaned, it can block the tubes.

Clogged dryers are complicated and, at the same time, dangerous. To begin with, they will not be able to remove the hot air and take in cold ones for cooling. Lint is also very flammable and can lead to a fire breakout when it accumulates on the vents. Now, these are just some of the potentially dangerous situations that most often happen because of inadequate and irregular maintenance. Below are detailed reasons why you should clean your vents. Check more here.

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Some homeowners do not clean their dryer vents because they don’t know the hazards they can cause. Lint in the dryer vent accumulates each time you dry your clothes. The accumulated lint blocks the vent, so the hot air and moisture cannot leave the machine. This causes suffocation in the machine, and it starts to overheat. Lint is very flammable. The rising temperatures of the machine can lead to fire outbreaks that lead to loss of property and death.

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Dryer vent cleaning also provides safety to the machine. When it begins to overhear, some mechanical parts can melt, and this leads to breakdown. Replacing the parts is expensive, and some damages could force you to buy another dryer. Knowing all this, it’s clear that cleaning it is beneficial in many ways, and, as a result, it will cost much less than having to replace some machine part.


There are two things, two attributes that we all seek in a machine, and those two main things are price and efficiency. Namely, the price/efficiency ratio plays a huge role in our decision-making, meaning that even if something costs a little more, if it is efficient, we will most likely buy it just because it is worth the money. Now, with dirty vents, that’s simply not true, which is why we also need to clean and maintain machines.

A dirty vent is not efficient, and it cannot finish the work efficiently and quickly as we are used to. Due to the lack of cooling in the machine, its parts work slower than they are supposed to. It will take more time to dry clothes, which means that we need to wait more than we want. Lack of circulation of air well in the machine can also minimize the amount of hot air drying the clothes. Broken parts from overheating will also slow down the whole process hence inefficiency. So, in the end, we will end up spending money on new parts and new clothes if we do not take good care of our drier.

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Increases Lifespan

No homeowner wants to go back to the market to buy a new dryer just a few months after purchasing the first one, no matter what is the reason for new purchasing. It can be disappointing, and no one wants to experience it! A dirty vent slows down the drying process of your clothes because of the straining parts. This vital part will therefore age faster than its estimated period, and it means that it needs to be changed much sooner than we planned. Keeping the vents clean ensures every part of the dryer will be efficient, and there is no need to worry about fixing or repairing costs. When there are no straining parts, it means the machine will last longer, which is probably the best thing for everyone’s budget.

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Keep Mold Away

A less efficient dryer does leave the clothes wet and impossible to wear until it is dry again, which requires a lot of time. You will notice the clothes are dumped because there is less heat reaching the clothes, and they cannot be ready in time. When the clothes are wet, they easily get mold, which creates permanent marks on the clothes. Once the clothes get mold, it can be pretty challenging to save them and wear them again.

Also, when there is poor air circulation, the hot air condenses in the tube after a drying session. That leads to the formation of moisture, and when mixed with lint, it can lead to mold. Mold destroys the vents and can also reduce the efficiency of the machine, and because of that, it is necessary to prevent it to make sure that we do not need to pay for new clothes or the repairment of the vent.

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Less Maintenance

A clean dryer vent means every part of it is working correctly, and there is no need to worry about many possible failures. There will be no overheating of it that could lead to the breakdown of its parts and the necessity of change. This also means that you will need fewer repairs hence saving on maintenance costs since new parts can be pretty expensive.

Cleaning of this vital part also ensures clothes dry in a timely manner, which can be one of the main reasons to do it properly. This is because every part of the vent is working correctly, so the whole vent is working too. Besides that, more drying time of the clothes also leads to faster wear and tear of the fabric because they are exposed to heat for a long time.

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Where to Get a Dryer Vent Cleaner

There are many vent cleaning companies on the internet, and all claim to be qualified and the best ones to be your first choice. This makes it challenging to hire the best one and be sure that you will not regret your decision. Regarding that, one of the best decisions is to ask your friends for referrals because our friends are people we trust, and there is no reason to doubt their referrals. When contracting one from the internet, ask them about their experience and qualifications, and make sure to check everything before the final decision to take their services.

Ensure the cleaner you hire is licensed because it is the only way to avoid any possible problem. This helps you know how qualified they are and their eligibility to operate and finish the job quickly and efficiently. Do not forget to check for insurance too. With insurance, you will be free from paying hospital bills if an accident happens, and you will be indemnified if your property is damaged. Hold a face-to-face interview with the cleaning company to gauge their professionalism and expertise and make sure that you are making the right decision.