Are Electronic Drum Sets Good For Beginners – 2024 Guide

Electronic drums, which are commonly known as e-kits or e-drums have also improved dramatically through the decades, most notably in the past decade to the point where they are getting progressively more similar to the experience of playing an acoustic drum box. For those new to playing, one great way to acquire the core skills in performance and timing needed to build the foundation that will guide your future playing is through a beginner’s electronic drum set. However, there is no doubt that you will not be using a beginner electronic drum set as a live instrument, but when it comes to practicing at home, you cannot find a more suitable alternative or a more silent one than an e-kit.

You can find electronic drum sets designed to fit all kinds of players, more specifically for people who are yet to start taking music lessons. You probably have to exercise at home every day, however, you cannot produce too much noise? You will surely find a set that will correspond to your needs. We’ve created this guide on how to buy a drum set to make the process easier for you. It will inform you about the basics and help you find the right kit for you.

The things you should consider when buying an entry-level drum set


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You have a couple of things to consider when you will be purchasing a drum kit and if you are a beginner drummer looking at an electronic drum kit as an option. To begin with, one big factor to note is the drum noise. Well, you will find the electronic drums a big plus, as you won’t have to be as concerned about upsetting the neighbors or anyone living with you. Plus, they are the perfect choice for parents who are planning to buy a drum set for their child, but are worried about hearing the drums hammering continuously all day long.

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In addition, there is no doubt that when you need an instrument to play at home, it is better for it to be small as much as possible. Electronic kits do come in handy when you’re limited on space. This is because they have a more compact footprint when compared to acoustic kits, allowing them to easily fit into the corner of your bedroom or home studio.

The right brand

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A number of compelling factors exist to consider whether or not you should choose the brand that will be suitable for you to buy something from. An initial appeal to the brand to proceed with is that in case there is a defect, or there is something missing and something is broken within your package, a good company will make sure everyone of their teams are completely committed to the issues and are going to work those things out well sooner.


You may not be aware of this but you should know this before you buy a drum kit: Striking an electronic drum kit generates no sound of its own, except for a slight stick beat. This means, theoretically, that an electronic drum kit will not need to be tuned in the traditional sense, because the sound of the drum is always there. However, this presents a sort of tricky situation for beginners, as they don’t have to be concerned about producing a flawless drum sound, and at the same time it means that they are potentially missing out on a skill that all acoustic drummers need to learn.

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The process of tuning the drums on an acoustic kit may not be that challenging to grasp, even for a newbie, and this only allows the electric drummer the opportunity to invent new grooves as well as great drum licks. Electronic drum set for beginners allow space for the novice to develop and express their ideas and it is the most important thing from a beginner’s perspective, plus not having to care about tuning can be a huge roadblock for them to get out of the way and start with the process of learning.

The best e-kits to use in practice

Alesis Turbo Mesh

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Alesis Turbo Mesh E-Kit is one of the available instruments for you at an incredible price. It features long-lasting mesh heads, an aux input for playing your own tracks, along with 30 practice songs that include exercising tools to help you stay on beat.

Yamaha DTX402K

Yamaha’s flagship DTX920K electronic drum kit comes with the diverse DTX900M, which contains four triple-zone drums, a dual-zone hi-hat, three triple-zone cymbals, powerful kick drums, along with a dependable rack system.

Roland Td-1k

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Featuring an 8-inch dual-zone mesh snare, three 10-inch dual-zone shock-absorbing cymbals, three 6-inch single-zone mesh toms, bass drum pad and a hi-hat control trigger, this low-weight bundle is a perfect fit for any drum player. Its uncluttered four-column rack is constructed around a slim H-shaped middle section and contains a built-in rubber bass drum sensor which is big enough to fit a double pedal. As a result, they are one of the best electronic drum packages suitable for smaller places.

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LyxJam 7-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

If need a good practice and you are looking to buy an electronic drum set for beginners you can visit here and check the rest available options. LyxJam brand comes with a set of professional drums that includes 7 parts (4 pads and 3 plates). In fact, this instrument possesses exactly everything that a skilled, advanced musician could need. It features 3 mesh tom pads, ride cymbal, mesh snare pad, crash cymbal, kick pedal, sound module, drumsticks and hi-hat with the controller included. With a user-friendly interface, simple tuning and convenient and simple use, this is one of the top electronic drum kit entry-level solutions which leaves you amazed.

You may never have even thought to buy an electric drum set. Perhaps you’ve always been concerned that it will be excessively complex and expensive, that it will ruin your swing, destroy your tone, as well as enslave humanity one day. Well, that’s not true. Regardless if you are a newbie purchaser or an ambitious drummer looking for equipment to invest in, it’s time to get rid of the prejudices and discover more about what electronics are capable of doing for your playing.