How Can You Tell if a Tree Is Dangerous – 2024 Guide

Trees are an element that adorns every yard, because it is a combination of elegance and charm. If you take care of your plants, they will always look fresh and healthy. Such trees have mature leaves that add a natural, vibrant color to your home. If you want its large branches to last on your property for a long time, you need to take proper care of it.

Unfortunately, removing trees is sometimes inevitable. Although it is a painful and difficult decision, your own safety should come first. There are several factors that affect his health.

How do I assess whether there is a risk to tree?

When analyzing trees, it is necessary to focus on roots, trunk flare, bark, crown and branches. These are its vital parts and places where changes will occur if the health of the plant is endangered. However, sometimes it is very difficult to identify a problem if you are not a qualified arborist. Therefore, it is best to seek his help, because he will know how to recognize endangered trees. For example, many changes look like fungi, when in fact they are not. It also happens that the outside of the tree looks sick while the inside is completely healthy or vice versa. Take precautionary measures and inspect all items on your property each year.

The tree does not have to have leaves on it, which means that you can check it all year round. If you want to be detailed, then we recommend inspecting the trees after they are left without leaves. This means that autumn is the ideal time of the year, but it is equally effective to inspect the trees in the spring and after strong storms. Take enough time to review, because it is necessary to do it carefully and systematically. Only then will you cover every part of it. People who do not have many plants can keep records by creating a report after each check. We are sure that you will notice all the new details that appear over time.

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Damaged branches


You’ve probably noticed a broken branch a few times before and thought it didn’t matter. However, this is one of the most obvious symptoms that you should not ignore for several reasons. Therefore, broken branches can be a consequence of poor tree health, as well as a consequence of a strong storm. In both cases, it is necessary to call an expert who will confirm your doubts and provide you with adequate advice. This website can help you find tree removal service. These companies have enough experience and knowledge in this area, but they also have the appropriate premium.

This means that on the basis of binoculars and other tools, they will determine how much damage is actually great and whether it is repairable or it is necessary to remove the tree. If you are not an expert, you will probably only see broken branches, but you will not diagnose the condition of your plant. Sometimes it is enough to remove dead branches in order for the tree to continue to develop, because that way nutrients will reach its healthy parts more easily. Unfortunately, sometimes nothing can be done because the disease has progressed.

Distorted trees


You’ve probably seen strangely shaped trees many times. Although it is a unique specimen of a plant, it should not look like that. Behind this scene is probably the poor health of the trees. Fortunately, companies can restore its profitable form or remove it if necessary. This kind of tree is dangerous for the environment, because over time, the canopy will become too heavy for the root and the tree will collapse. An additional problem is the branches that are constantly appearing, because they represent a burden for the plant.

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Tree bark


Changes may also be present in the appearance of the bark. For example, ingrown bark tissue occurs as a result of the growth of several stems together. In this case, a V formation is created. This kind of plant will probably split or break, because it should have a U formation. Proper pruning can solve this situation, because it will prevent the division of the tree. However, V formation is sometimes a consequence of poor pruning.

Tree root


When a tree does not have a strong enough and healthy root system, it becomes unbalanced and dangerous. Because of that, it will probably fall during a storm or a stronger wind. After a long time, the plant may fall due to its own weight. The branches and leaves soon become a great weight for diseased roots. There are many factors that affect root health. These are construction trenches, paved roots, parking or walking on the root surface, etc.

In such situations, the root slowly decays and no longer acts as a support. The death of branches, poor appearance of the canopy and leaves are mainly a consequence of the damaged root. Symptoms indicate a lack of water and nutrients needed by all parts of the tree to function. Call qualified experts if you notice roots above the ground, dug trenches, roots with visible decay, etc.

What to do with dangerous tree?


If you or an expert have found that you are dealing with dangerous tree, you need to focus on solving the problem. The next step is to identify the cause and eliminate it. For example, if you have a problem with a leaning trunk, you can use support poles that will prevent the tree from falling.

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You can also use cables by tying one part to a pole and the other to a tree. However, if it is in a bad condition, it is necessary to cut it to avoid an accident. You will remove dangerous branches by regular pruning, as this will restore a balanced canopy. Rotten roots are dangerous and need to be removed as soon as possible, because this damage is irreversible. Consult an expert before taking any action.


If you notice that something is wrong with your tree, don’t worry too much. Sometimes a first impression can deceive you. So do all the tests and consult an expert before reaching a conclusion.