Speech on Exercise

Exercise is the most basic need for a human being to stay fit and healthy. Here’s a collection of short speeches on exercise.

speech on exercise

Exercise keeps our body and minds healthy. It brings the feeling of well being mentally, physically, spiritually as well as socially. The criterion of exercise or health and fitness is changing all over the world and it keeps expanding with every passing day.

A present-day viewpoint

Both men and women have different needs. Women want to possess a slim and trim body but men on the other hand desire to possess a heavy muscle-bound body. They want to look beefy. People in general are getting more and more conscious about their body. They want to eat healthily and work out every day. It is quite a task however not impossible for anybody to achieve a fit body.
In order to be healthy, certain tips should be followed with full dedication. Health and fitness play a great role in one’s life. It can be achieved by one’s own self or by hiring a personal trainer.

Reason for overweight and diseases:

People these days are extremely busy. This is the reason for the growth in the consumption of fast or junk food. They do not have any time to eat healthily or work out. People involved in corporate sectors have to move barely. They sit in front of their computers all day long. These people face a lot of health problems like obesity, laziness, overweight, and body pain. A person with a healthy body feels happier and fit in comparison to someone who is unfit or is unhealthy. A fit and healthy person is more confident and is respected in the society. A person who exercises stays energetic for a long time and looks very active.
In order to be fit and healthy, one has to follow a routine. One has to maintain discipline, follow etiquette, eat right, eat clean, exercise daily, meditate, yoga, and so on.

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Nothing comes easy in this world. So to achieve that chiseled body or that toned physique, one has to work hard. It is very important for people irrespective of their gender and age group to exercise. It keeps the body fit. One should choose an active workplace with a fresh and energetic environment to avoid long term sitting.