Windows 10 VPS Hosts That Accept Bitcoin

The top trending virtual currency Bitcoin is widely spreading around the world, is also known as cryptocurrency. It is the virtual or abstract currency that can be stored in a digital wallet. You can buy products and services, but not every store or service provider accepts this currency. Although considering the current scenario, it is becoming a globally accepted cryptocurrency for traders.

At the time of its invention in 2008, it was not so popular and it’s very hard for people to actually trust this digital currency. But with the increasing demand and hipe of trading through this cryptocurrency now there are a number of companies using this currency. Among the most digitally trading companies and service providers, VPS Service providers are using trading paths for bitcoins.

Bitcoin VPS is an efficient way of getting VPS using this digital currency without having to go through all the hurdles and hassles that we face with traditional banking systems. But Before we move to know the top Bitcoin VPS Hosting provider, let’s have an idea of how bitcoin VPS hosting Works?

Working Of Bitcoin VPS Hosting


A globally trending virtual currency that is being used for online trading for many years. You can efficiently buy products and services by transferring this cryptocurrency from Bitcoin wallet.The companies offering you to trade or buy products through Bitcoin payment use payment provider “Bitpay” to ensure the easy and reliable transaction of Bitcoin.

It must be noticed that your VPS Bitcoin payment cannot be returned or refundable. Once you have transferred the payment it cannot recur. Bitcoin VPS is exactly the same as other VPS service providers, but you must read the terms and conditions before you transfer your payment.

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Top Windows 10 Bitcoin VPS Hosting Providers

Many reputable companies around the globe are using this cryptocurrency for easy & reliable payment transfer. However, many people still ask if the companies that are accepting Bitcoin payment are worth it or not? But actually it depends on the web hosting you use. It doesn’t matter how you pay, it actually can be determined by the web host you choose for yourself.

Top VPS hosting companies are now accepting Bitcoin payment and they are providing phenomenal hosting solutions. I have listed below the top

Windows 10 Bitcoin VPS Hosting Providers

1. Hostinger – Simple, Fast & Reliable


Hostinger is an ideal platform for new developers in the market. The web project aims to get support for the long haul and cheap hosting solutions can opt for hosting. At the end of the year 2017, Hostinger decided to accept this cryptocurrency and started providing service by Bitcoin trading.

Having a high-end reputation globally, Hostinger sets the standard for other service providers and attracts many people to start trading via bitcoins. It is a customer-oriented company aimed at providing hosting solutions and empowering millions of developers to learn, create and grow. The key reason Hostinger started accepting Bitcoins and other digital currencies is that by paying with cryptocurrencies, customers can rest assured of reliable finances.

2. Namecheap– Trusted Hosting Company


Namecheap is the top trusted company for offering VPS hosting service while accepting the Bitcoin payment. Registering millions of domains, this hosting provider is efficient at offering reliable, fast, and secure VPS services.
This company was founded in 2000 and till now it has thousands of customers around the globe who are running the Namecheap register domain with the accurate network infrastructure. They ensure the 99.9% uptime guarantee, use redundant bandwidth providers, offer free domain protection, and efficiently accept Bitcoin payment.

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3. Hostwinds – Top Growing Company For accepting Bitcoins


Hostwinds is also one of the top growing companies for offering hosting services by accepting bitcoins. Providing their customers with this easy and digitally transferred virtual currency Hostwinds aims to maintain a secure service-providing relationship with their customers while maintaining the highest level hosting services. This company offers you unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. It is probably the best hosting provider for sheer powers & performance. It also supports VPS windows 10 remote desktop hosting along with bitcoin payment. This means that currency type doesn’t affect the reliability of services whereas, getting services by cryptocurrency enables fast service transfer.

4. Hawk Host Web Hosting- Fast & Affordable Hosting Provider


A reputable web hosting company operating its service by accepting Bitcoins since 2004. This company offers customer variable hosting service plans, each one with the best favorable features and reliable service. Ensuring fast and accurate hosting services, Hawk Host Web hosting is great at offering free migration support and Cloudflare optimization. Being an award-winning company, they provide 24/7 customer support and keep their service standards high by using a reliable payment transfer channel of Cryptocurrency.

5. Digital Ocean- Affordable Cloud Hosting


It is the most recent hosting company started in 2011 and remarkably setting up standards for other hosting providers for ultimate VPS hosting services. This company started providing services by accepting Bitcoin as a payment type. Digital Ocean is the powerhouse in cloud hosting, offering a high-end range of specially-configured virtual machines. They are among the top hosting service providers who aim to offer completely scalable and configured services.

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Many people are still ambiguous about using Bitcoins for buying products and services so, after you have gone through the hosting service provider accepting bitcoins I’ll tell you the reason why you should use Bitcoin payment for buying hosting Services.

Here are some reason to Use Bitcoin Payment to Buy Hosting Packages

  • It is a Decentralized platform
  • Discrete Transactions and User Autonomy
  • Easy Access and Convenient Mobile Transactions
  • Low Transaction Fees
  • It Saves You From Legal Restrictions


Cryptocurrency is gaining its pace and wide-spreading as the most transferable currency. is one of the top VPS hosting service providers by accepting Bitcoins and ensuring reliable services to all the clients globally!