Free Lyric Video Maker: Make Lyric Videos in 3-Steps

The entertainment industry is booming, and many talented people want to get in. Unfortunately, many do not have the required budget for full-fledged music production. If you find yourself in this category, you do not have to give up hope on your debut in the music industry.

You can start with lyric videos and create lyric videos for free. They are easy to make without technical experience or professional skills, and you can be as creative as you want in what you add to your lyric video.

This post offers a guide to create a lyric video for free and in minutes. Let us get right into the details!

The Best Lyric Video Maker

Let us introduce you to the best lyric video maker for your first lyric video—Doratoon. Now, do not get us wrong. There are many options in the market. However, we recommend this software because of its many features and intuitive user interface, making creating lyric videos seamless and fun.

  • A Large Library of Animated Templates

This online platform offers thousands of animated templates you can customize for your lyric videos. Whatever concept you have for your video, you are sure to find the perfect template to customize.

  • Animated Characters

Who says lyrics videos have to be boring and plain? With this platform, you can transform your lyric video into a super engaging musical video that will delight your fans.

You will find thousands of animated characters with different expressions and actions. You can explore the character library and find options that suit your video.

  •  Artificial Intelligence Drawing

This online platform gives you the chance to get as creative as you want. With the Artificial Intelligence Drawing feature, you can create smart drawings for your lyric videos. The tool is highly intuitive, and all you have to do is sketch what you have in mind.

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AI Drawing tool will suggest the perfect shape for your sketch, and you can blend the lines and edges to create a seamless flow in your drawing. It is all about creativity, and AI Drawing can also work to create lyric videos.

  • Advanced Animation Effects

You will also find numerous motion graphics and advanced animation effects for making animated lyric videos on this lyric video maker. You can turn your lyric videos into a masterpiece looking like a million-dollar music production piece.

  • Speech-to-Text

You can sync your song with the lyrics as they scroll or cascade across the screen. This makes it easy for your audience to follow the song and associate the words with the lyrics easily. With this, anyone can sing along and enjoy the song while learning the lyrics.

Other exciting features you may look forward to exploring when using the tool include:

  • Millions of stock video clips and photos
  • Thousands of 2D and 3D premade background images
  • Thousands of stock props
  • Over a thousand animated characters with over 8000 actions and expressions

All these are available for your use as you add lyrics to video with this video maker.

3 Steps to Create Lyric Videos with Lyric Video Creator


With an understanding of what the above lyric video creator offers, you must be super eager to see how it works. It is super easy, and in three easy steps, you can create a lyric video without skills or experience. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Visit the Official Website

Go to its official website and create a free account. You only need a valid email address and a unique password to create a free account.

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Step 2: Select a Video Template

Navigate to the video template section and select a video template. Browse through the different designs and choose the template that suits your video idea and connects with your brand.

Step 3: Edit with Available Tools

Select the editing tools one after the other to apply changes to your chosen template. With the editing tools, you can import your lyrics and songs. You can also use the different intuitive features to design a professional-looking lyric video.

When you are done, preview the video and download it to your computer. You can also share your lyric video directly to your social media platforms through the platform.

Top Tips for Making Lyric Videos


To ensure you make lyric videos that connect and resonate with your target audience with this free lyrics video maker, follow these easy tips:

  • Select a Theme

Most successful lyric videos have a central theme. Having a theme helps you focus and communicate the central idea in your music to your audience. Before you start creating a video, select a theme and weave your lyric videos around it.

  • Ensure Absolute Accuracy

You surely do not want your viewers reading the wrong lyrics while watching your lyric video. Therefore, ensure you add 100% accurate lyrics to your video. We recommend you double-check every word for types or incorrect subtitles.

  • Choose a Color Scheme that Connects with Your Audience

The color scheme is crucial to the aesthetic effect of your lyric video. Choose colors that connect with your audience’s demographics and the genre of your song. If your song is R&B, choose cool and relaxing colors. Afro-pop and raps can go with vibrant colors.

  • Create Natural Transitions

It is essential to make the transitions in your video look natural. Use them where necessary, and do not bombard your lyric video with them. Let everything flow naturally from the start to the end.

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Finally, aim to have the highest audio quality and use the best fonts. Do not use illegible fonts because they look fine. It will be a waste if your viewers cannot decipher the lyrics. Everything you need to create a masterpiece lyric video is available in the lyric video maker free tool. Explore the features to get the best.