How to Boost Your Instagram Posts?

Today, if you want to make a stand, express an opinion, or just to keep up with what’s going on in the world, you simply must be online, and what better way to do so than by creating a social media account. Being present is what it’s all about, as if you are not on any social media, the chances are high that the majority will consider that behavior a strange one. Now, there is a huge misunderstanding that just teenagers and millennials are into social media. Perhaps the best proof of this common misconception we can get is by focusing on the stats and studies, which have shown that 72% of adult people in the US are using at least one social media, and this percentage is increasing rapidly.

Which social media platform is the most popular?

As you may already know, there are plenty of platforms to choose from, and using several of them is a common practice because most people use one app or profile for personal life, the other is just for fun, and, of course, one is reserved for the work. Now, some of these platforms are popular and used worldwide, but some of them are yet to become as important as Facebook, for example. Of course, today, many consider Facebook as a thing of the past, which isn’t that far from the truth, but this platform still has the most users.

On the other hand, probably the one social media that can compete with Facebook with all the perks and number of users, and is also considered as a more modern way of being present is definitely Instagram. Namely, the expansion of this app simply blasted a few years back when it really became globally popular, something like TikTok and 2024/2021. That is why today, many influencers and famous people use Instagram as their main platform. Of course, this also means that it is much more difficult to spread the word, draw attention, and become a thing or an influencer on Instagram because you need to be unique and offer something people are interested in, which, sometimes, is far from an easy thing.

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That is why boosting your posts is getting more and more popular, but even here, there are many things a person must be aware of, and things like hashtags and timing are of vast importance, so let’s explore this a little further.

Use many hashtags


One of the best ways to search Instagram and find the content we are interested in is to use hashtags. All we need is simply to open search, enter the keyword and browse the results. Choosing the best hashtags and using a lot of them is also one of the best ways to promote our post and make sure that it will reach a lot of people. It is never a good idea to use only one hashtag that best describes the post because then it will be visible only to people who type that particular keyword. Instead of that, it is a much better solution to use more keywords and describe the photo or video better, and it is necessary to choose them wisely. There is no such thing as too many hashtags, so feel free to use all of them that cross your mind when you look at the photo or video.

Be consistent


No matter how good some profiles are, if they do not have regular and consistent posts, the followers will unfollow them. It does not matter if some profile is publishing funny, creative, or even useful content, as followers want to see something new regularly, and because of that, it is necessary to provide them with fresh new posts at least once a week, but it is always better to do it even more often. Besides regular posting, it is crucial to make sure that the posted content is always of the same quality, or they will find something better to watch. Focusing on consistency and quality might require some time to reach the followers, but once they see our profile, it is most likely that they will be visiting it over and over again. You can also get more followers if you check IGInstant.

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Use the advantage of Instagram Stories and Highlights


First of all, we need to explain that Instagram Story is the post that is visible to our followers for 24 hours, and after that, it is archived, and you are the only one who can see it again. If some Story is too interesting or too important, you can save it on the profile and make it visible to the followers all the time, and that is what Highlight is. Stories can be used in many ways, and we can use them to promote the new post on the profile, create the poll for our followers to vote, make different quizzes, put a little box so people can ask us questions anonymously, and much more.

Live videos


People love to know who is behind their favorite profile, and the “Question box” is one of the easiest ways to control what they will learn about you, but if you want to give them the opportunity to know you better, then there is no better way than using live video. Besides letting them learn more about you, it is one of the best ways to present the brand and the profile to them and let them ask whatever they want to know. Be careful and try not to overdo it with live videos, or it will become too boring for the people to watch them.

Use templates


We use our phones for both work and spending quality free time, which is why having the right app is so beneficial. Now, every social media has some perks and disadvantages, but Instagram is perhaps the best one out there as it offers a unique opportunity to express yourself by using personalized templates for your posts. Yes, you can easily add that special little spark to your posts via templates, and even if you have trouble finding or creating one, the app will offer plenty of choices. Click here if you want to find out more about Instagram templates by the Mojo app.

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