4 Best French Onion Soup Bowls in 2024

A true foodie will always take time to prepare a real homemade meal. If you are one of them, then you know that cooking a creamy French onion soup can be one of the biggest challenges particularly when you are not equipped with suitable dishes. Preparing a French cuisine signature soup might make your job a little bit easier if you have the right bowl. We bring you the list of the best French onion soup bowls.

1. Porcelain onion soup bowls

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White porcelain bowls are perfect crocks for cooking that flavorful onion soup. They come in different sizes, usually 12oz and 18oz, in a set of four. The premium ceramic material is made to withstand the high heat of the oven, as well as being dishwasher and microwave safe, without leaving any stains behind. Besides the safety features, they will look classy and elegant on the table. Since you can transfer them from the oven straight to the table, these bowls often come with cork coasters to make them safe and more presentable. They are also coated, so they don’t absorb odors.

2. Porcelain soup bowls with handles

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These porcelain bowls are made to handle a variety of meals like pasta, stews, soups, even breakfast. They come in a slightly bigger size of 19oz, making them a true chef delight. Bowls are oven-safe and are easy to handle. Made out high-quality porcelain, these colorful crocks are easy to clean, and are dishwasher-safe. Stylish and modern, they will make a great addition to your cookware.

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However, different varieties offer various features. Some French onion soup bowls offer longer handles making them easier to manage cooking and serving with a firm grip. They are usually made of restaurant-style quality stoneware that is suitable for cooking and baking all sorts of soups, pies, and spicy chilies. Very durable too – made to go full circle, from dishwasher to oven to table, and to microwave, fully capable to endure high temperatures of the broiler and the drying cycles. They are usually hand-made, thus hand-painted too, so expect variations in color shades of the exterior. Their uniqueness and special design will make them a great addition to every kitchen. The fact that they are 100% biodegradable will make them even more appealing for all you environmentally conscious folks.

3. Eco-bowls

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This elegant set of soup crocks are perfect for single-serving since they hold around 10oz of liquid. They are restaurant-style bowls, so the size is a little smaller. One of the best-sellers on the market is made out of superior porcelain that holds well in the oven, as well as in the dishwasher. What makes them also stand out is that the outside stays cool while still keeping the heat of the soup inside. As a bonus, you will get cork coasters that will prevent sliding of the bowl and add to their decorative features.

4. French onion soup bowls with handles and lids

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These bowls are classy as well as durable that will make your guests ask for seconds. Since they have handles and lids it makes them perfect to transport if you need to take your soup a cookout party. These features make them perfect for your home kitchen, but also for servings in restaurants.

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They are energy-efficient which means they can even save you a little bit on that electricity bill since they hold the heat better and meals are cooked faster. These bowls withstand temperatures of up to 400degrees which makes them oven-safe. Cleaning up is fast and effective because you can throw them in a dishwasher anytime, and if you prefer to hand-wash your dishes you should know that the food doesn’t stick to the coating.

They are designed for a French onion soup but are not limited to just this dish. Use them with ease for cooking pasta, stews, and pies.

Each bowl has a lid, which makes them hold the heat for longer periods of time, and also makes them perfect to keep your leftovers without spreading odors in the fridge. The ceramic os the bowls is coated so that it doesn’t stain or soak up that onion odor. Eating out of these will make you think you’re somewhere in southern France.

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There are different variations available for purchase, with the original brown-glazed ones. They have a very unique, traditional style with a rolled rim that prevents overflowing of the soup or the toppings. Since they are made out of stoneware, they are safe for baking and cooking in the oven and are also microwave safe. However, washing them in the dishwasher is not recommended.

If you want to get that French feeling while eating your French onion soup get the specifically made bowl. This traditional meal has many variations. Original soup is made with onions, butter, and champagne. But that was back in Ancient Rome more than 8000 years ago when the first soup was made. Originally, French onion soup was made to relieve the pain of the hangover.

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Today, chefs around the world, not just French, experiment with various ingredients adding vegetables, beef, and cheese. Buying the soup bowl is a great addition to your cookware as it can be used for many different dishes. Serving a meal in an individual crock adds an appeal to dining, especially if that someone special is coming over. You will look like a professional. There is one more version, where the soup is served in bread instead of a bowl, but it’s a complicated task that you really have no need to endure. The homemade meal will look inviting just as much in a perfectly round, handle or not, bowl. With the convenience of most onion soup bowls being dishwasher safe, cleaning up will be a breeze. If you put cheese on the top, it will not stick since they are made of quality ceramics. The ones that have a handle and a lid are more convenient for cooking other meals like chicken pot pie, and if bowls have a lid, that makes them perfect for storing leftovers in the fridge.