6 Fortnite Cake Ideas for a Birthday Party 2024

Fortnite is one of the most popular games of today. Not only does the actual count of the players increase within minutes, but the fan base is influenced by numerous items which are Fortnite-inspired. Therefore, if you know a fan of this game, you should definitely consider buying them a T-shirt, notebook, or even a mug which is designed in accordance with the Fortnite world. However, one of the best gifts which will surprise a fan is a birthday party with the theme of this game. Of course, one of the key moments of any birthday party is the arrival of the cake. If you are wondering how to get the perfect Fortnite-inspired cake, you are in the right place. Check out the following 6 ideas, and you will hopefully get inspired.


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It is always a good idea to get a cake which represents some of the characters in the game. Usually, the more characters – the better! This is the case because if you manage to represent the majority of the lead characters, you will be able to create the whole Fortnite world on a cake. Not to mention that the impression will be outstanding. Nevertheless, in case you know which the favorite character of the person who is celebrating a birthday, you should definitely go for the representation of a single character. You can get as creative as you like. In that sense, you can present only the face or even the whole body and outfit. Nothing will surprise them as much as the face of their favorite fictional character on a cake. Don’t be surprised if the birthday boy/girl feels sorry to actually cut the cake.

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Recreation of the favorite scene!

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If you know what their favorite scene in the game is, you can surprise them with the cake in the shape of that scene. Even though this might be challenging in case you are making it yourself, you can always go to the professional. He/she will know exactly how to make it possible. Nevertheless, even if you are making it yourself, it is worth the effort. All you need to do is get familiar with the details of the scene. So, pay attention to how everything looks, even in the seemingly unimportant corners. In this way, you will be able to plan and to prioritize. Therefore, you will easily be able to focus on which details to include while recreating the scene on a cake. By choosing to go for this idea you will actually show that you care for the person, and honestly, any Fortnite player will be more than excited to have a cake with their favorite scene!

Weapon and items motive

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There are plenty of choices when it comes to weapons in this game. So, why not make a cake which has a wide array of weapons to choose from? You can include some of the most common ones, or even go for the ones that the person you are making a cake for likes the most. Also, it might be easier to make and the effect will be just as outstanding.

There is also a significant number of items in Fortnite. Even if you are not good at cake making, you could also prepare a special cake with ease for your friends. With a basic cake, DIY the cake toppers with the custom-made die cut stickers from www.Customsticker.com to decorate the cake, you can put on these stickers at will, or you can insert these stickers regularly and everyone will get a decorated piece. Not only is it quick and easy to use, but it’s also an affordable plan; Fortnite lovers will be delighted to receive a cake decorated with their favorite weapons and items!

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Rank the birthday boy/girl as first in Fortnite

Every Fortnite player dreams of being the first and the best. So, why not make their wish come true on a cake? After all, it is their special day. This idea is very easy to achieve. All you need to do is recreate some Fortnite symbols, and write the name of the person who is celebrating the birthday after #1. Once they realize that they are first, they will be happy and more importantly, they will appreciate your effort. On top of that, this makes the cake more personal and emotional, because they will know that it is THEIR special cake.

Fortnite + PS4

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The dream combination of every gamer out there includes Fortnite and PS4. Not only are these two things essential to the world of gaming, but they are also considered as a phenomenon and symbol of the whole culture. This is probably one of the most precise and clear ways to represent the whole lifestyle on a cake. It might be a little hard to make it perfect without help, but it is definitely not impossible. Make sure that you are precise and neat, especially while creating the shape of PS4. It is a good idea to get pictures of the joystick from different angles so that you can create recreation as precisely as possible. It should probably be mentioned that you will need patience and time if you won’t go for this idea since you are practically creating two separate motives.

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Fortnite’s recognizable colors are blue, pink and purple. So, pay attention to the fact that you will probably need to include at least one of them. The best solution, of course, is to include all three shades. When you have these colors, it is easy for the fans to assume what the theme is, so you will only need a little sign such as a logo, or writing something else game-related. This might be the easiest way to create a cake. Also, it is the least time-consuming, since you will not need to spend much time on creating the figures. Of course, the best option is to put the figures on the top of the blue-pink-purple cake, but even if you don’t the idea behind the cake is pretty clear!


To sum up, there are plenty of ways in which you can surprise a Fortnite fan. If you decide to go for a cake which is inspired by this game, the first thing to do is to inform yourself of the most famous characters, weapons, scenes, and overall motives. Also, the logo is pretty effective once you manage to recreate it. It is a very exciting and creative process, and once you dig into it, it might happen that you become a Fortnite fan yourself!