Do People Still Hire Strippers for Bachelor Parties

Probably for most people the first association to a bachelor party is, of course, a stripper. And how could it not be when every movie about bachelorette parties we have ever watched includes a strip club, alcohol, cigarettes and strippers who are there to give a little treat for the future groom. However, times are changing and some new trends are coming to this area. So you may be wondering: do people still hire a stipend for a bachelor party? Or is it just a legend? You can read the detailed answer to this question below.

Hiring a stripper for a bachelor party in the past


We can say that hiring a stripper for a bachelor party was more than popular in the past. Friends of the future groom would organize a party in a strip club or at home, and then they would invite a stripper who would give the groom a lap dance. And then continue dancing for his friends and brothers. This was simply something that was done that way and there was nothing strange about it. Besides, this type of entertainment at the bachelor party was constantly promoted in the movies, so the engagement of a stripper was in a way implied. However, trends change over time, so it’s important to keep in mind that what used to be a must today isn’t so much wow anymore.

What is the situation today?

What we can say for sure is that things have changed a lot and that millennials today do not organize bachelorette parties in the way that was popular in the past. Most guys today just want to spend a fun night with their friends, in a way that they all will like. Sometimes it involves traveling together, sometimes renting a house with a pool, and sometimes just spending a fun evening at home, with beer and board games. The choice of the theme of the bachelor party depends mostly on the future groom’s preferences and the way he wants to spend his last days as a bachelor. Very often this is just a great occasion to gather a group of friends that live away from each other.

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So, to sum up: bachelor parties these days are more low key instead of having crazy parties with alcohol, loud music and women. However, there are still those who like that old fashioned way of organizing bachelor parties. They ask their friends to hire a stripper so they can have fun that way as well. All of this is very individual and we can conclude that if you need to organize a party for your future best man, the best idea is to consult with him and check which type of party he would like the most.

Helpful tips to keep in mind if you decide to hire a stripper for bachelor party

1. Plan everything in time


The first step is to plan everything on time, so that you can be sure that everything will be in perfect order. You might think it would be cool to be that best man who organizes a super awesome bachelor party spontaneously and without any effort, but things like this just don’t happen. It is necessary to think about what you want the evening to look like, to agree with the stripper about the time of arrival and what is included in her offer. Also, take care of drinks, cups, and other details. When planning a bachelor night with a stripper, it is not enough to just make one call, but it will take much more than that. Take the time to plan everything beforehand if you want the evening to go smoothly.

2. Hire a stripper through a reliable company


We can’t stress enough how important it is for the company you choose to hire a stripper through to be reliable. This is one of the key elements that can decide whether a bachelor party will be successful or everything will fall apart. There are many companies out there that offer these services, but that does not mean that each of them is a good choice. On the contrary, there are many bad options that you want to stay away from. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a situation to pay for services in advance without anyone showing up in the end. Or that the services that the stripper offers are of very low quality and that this night turns into an awkward one. Do you really want to put yourself in this position as a best man? Expectations are high, so we recommend that you do not let yourself or others down.

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You can find more information about a reliable company that offers hot dancers at

By choosing a proven company with which people have phenomenal experiences you will minimize the possibility of some unwanted situations happening.

3. Respect the rules


Every company that offers stripper services has its own set of rules that you need to follow in order for everything to go well. It’s okay to be excited and have fun, but you shouldn’t put yourself or others in an awkward situation. First of all, try to be as polite as possible, don’t behave inappropriately and don’t allow yourself not to respect the stripper in any way. Also, do not take photos if you have previously agreed that this is one of the company’s rules. Keep in mind that this is a paid service like any other and that it is necessary to follow the rules if you want everything to go in perfect order.


Bachelor parties are always fun events because they bring together good friends who celebrate their friend entering a new phase of life. The way the groom wants to spend this night is pretty individual, so it is the duty of every best man to make an effort to fulfill his wishes. When it comes to hiring strippers, this trend is becoming less and less popular, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone. There are still people who prefer to spend their bachelor party this way. In this scenario, it is necessary to plan everything on time, find a reliable company and follow the rules in order to organize the best bachelor party ever.

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