Men’s Guide to Winter Fashion: Christmas Gifts You Deserve

Well, winter is finally here, and despite climate change concerns, it’s almost certainly a little chillier in your neighborhood than it was a few weeks ago. This means you need to be dressed for the occasion, but why not be more considered in your approach to your winter fashions?

Sure, you’ve got that parka that has served you well for years, or maybe a winter jacket that you can’t bring yourself to upgrade from. You may well have a number of jumpers with more holes than swiss cheese, but out of sheer laziness, you haven’t replaced them.

Or perhaps your approach to winter is one of unpreparedness. Do you stick to t-shirts and jeans even though your body isn’t happy about the freezing conditions? Is your closet more summer-friendly than it is winter-ready?

Then now is the time to rethink your winter fashions, and to that end, we’ve come up with a number of items you should gift yourself this Christmas, or alternatively these might be fashionable garments that you drop into the conversations you have with your partner, hints they will hopefully understand and act upon.



As far as sturdy winter jackets are concerned, a nice peacoat is the most stylish option to consider. These are durable and full of pockets, so much so that you won’t have to take a bag with you. Go for a peacoat with at least 60% wool, as this will help you reap the benefits on those chilly nights walking back from the pub.

We suggest electing for darker colors here, but there’s no need to stick to black here; a nice earthy blue would go down a treat.

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Designer Sunglasses

Even in the winter, the sun shines brightly, and you should consider investing in a great pair of designer sunglasses that will make you the envy of passersby as you confidently march through the brisk sun-glazed afternoon. Fortunately, those designer shades won’t cost you a small fortune, not if you shop online here where the prices are inexpensive in comparison to the opticians on the high street.

Cashmere Cardigan Sweater


This item won’t come cheap, but it’s very versatile and is perfect for the season. Cardigan sweaters are very much in at the moment, and their cross over in terms of generations and are as suited to a teenager as they are to someone pushing 60. Of course, a cashmere take on this is super luxurious and will make any outfit you put together infinitely more stylish and elegant by its inclusion.

Leather Jacket

Ignore the obvious and stereotypical mid-life crisis references; for now, a leather jacket is a must-have in your winter wardrobe. There are, of course, many different styles to choose from and a myriad of ways to layer up underneath, from a hoodie to a graphic tee. All in all, it’s just something you need to have. Again, much like the cashmere cardigan sweater, the more you invest in this, the more you’ll get out of it. Clearly, dark colors are the norm but don’t be afraid to experiment here. Also, the more zips, the better.

A Brash Pair of Boots


You’ll need a strong, comfortable, and fashionable footwear option for the winter, and this is where a great pair of chunky boots will fit in nicely. You can consider desert boots or if you are being more stylish, a good pair of Chelsea boots. You want a pair that you can’t get enough of, a pair that goes with everything, and one that lasts for years.

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Fringed Wool Scarf

You’ll be needing a scarf to keep you warm and cozy, and there are many options to select from, but we’d suggest a fringed wool number. This affords you a nice combination of sophistication and functionality. Here you might want to go oversized and darker colors, and then you’ll only have to decide how to wear it, and believe us when we tell you there are dozens of ways to do so.

Turtlenecks are Back In


Yes, you may well fear that wearing a turtleneck will make you look like a dated relic from the past, but turtlenecks are indeed experiencing something of a fashionable comeback. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate the roll neck approach, and you will, of course, feel the immense benefit of this style decision when it comes to keeping out the chilly night air. Couple your turtleneck with a blazer for a polished chic look.

Leather Driving Gloves

You don’t need to own a sports car to pull these off. A pair of dapper driving gloves are an excellent accessory to have hold of this winter. They give off a debonnaire appeal and provide you with protection from the elements. These items may have previously been set aside for a particular class of gentlemen in the past but are now regularly part of fashion outlet collections.

Timeless Flannel Shirt


This timeless item is a nice casual way of layering for the cooler months. It can be used as part of an informal ensemble, or it can be blinged out if necessary. Be sure to combine it with a plain color t-shirt or vest and leave it unbuttoned to score maximum style points.

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