How Can A Student Attorney Help in Student Discipline Defense?

It is very unfortunate if you are caught in some student misconduct issue. Cases like these are traumatizing. Whatever may be the action that has brought you charges with student misconduct will have serious consequences on your career if not handled properly. You can refer to and bag some advice that will be a boon for you.

The student attorney handles all types of dispute cases of the students and also school disputes. They include:

  • Violation code: if you are caught for the usage of drugs, cyberbullying, threatening behavior, stalking, etc.
  • Title IX issues: if accused of sexual harassment or misconduct.
  • Academic misconduct: if caught for plagiarism, mishandling of research, cheating, data duplication, etc.
  • Academic remediation/ shortfall: on facing remediation, suspension, alleged academic failure, probation, or suspension
  • Violation of professionalism: if you have undertaken a professional course like nursing or medicine and are accused of professional misconduct.

How can your career be in trouble because of the Allegations of Student Misconduct?


If you are accused of student misconduct, whether you are guilty or not, your reputation will be hampered. And in case you are proven guilty, then it may have serious consequences on your career. An accusation can quickly escalate into suspension or expulsion or could be very costly. Sitting in a hearing session with the student disciplinary committee is not a matter to be taken lightly. Depending on the seriousness of the matter, sometimes the punishments may be a little more reprimand, but if you are suspended or expelled from the school, the effect it will have on your future could be severe. Some examples of what you could be facing are:

  • You will be losing thousand of the dollar in tuition
  • In rare cases, the possibility of criminal charges
  • The time you have spent getting through the institution is lost
  • You will face problems in getting re-enrollments in any other institutions; your enrollment may even be canceled
  • If you have vandalized any property of the school, you will have to pay the cost of their repair
  • A permanent mark on your academic reputation will have a bad impact on your impression
  • Irreparable damages to your professional and personal reputation
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You will be thrown in the mid-ocean if you are charged with student misconduct because you might not have any idea how to handle the situation. The school tends to take quick actions and penalize those who have violated their academic protocols or code of conduct. Sometimes the students are summoned to the hearing help by the disciplinary committees almost immediately after learning that they were involved in certain wrongdoings, almost giving them no time to prepare. Most of the students do not have any understanding of the procedure and the way they should respond. The students could be subjected to a probation period, or in a worse scenario, they could be expelled before even realizing the density of the case. If the students fail to seek the correct guidance or follow an appropriate procedure, then they can end up risking their professional careers.

How do most institutions pursue disciplinary actions?


Each institution has its own code of conduct and process of investigating the matter and penalizing the students accordingly. However, the basic guidelines of the process are almost similar, and they follow the same pattern.

  • Complaint: The whole matter begins with someone complaining against you. Anybody can lodge a complaint, a student, teacher, an instructor, an employee of the school, or anyone else who might have knowledge about your misconduct.
  • Notification: The school will then send you a notification of the allegation and wait for your response.
  • Review: the school will investigate the matter and find out if there is any truth in the allegations. Then they will decide whether to take any further actions or not.
  • Investigation: The school will investigate the matter by collecting all the evidence, and if there is enough evidence, actions will be taken. This will include interviewing the witnesses and speculative evidence.
  • Hearing: When the disciplinary committee has enough evidence, they will proceed toward a formal hearing, and you will have to appear in front of the board as a response to the complaint.
  • Penalties and determination: The committee will then make final decisions depending on your guilt or innocence and recommend disciplinary actions accordingly.
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Appeal: In case you file an appeal of an adverse decision before it finalizes.

Whom Can You Call?


You can anytime call a student defense attorney and seek help. The attorneys give expert guidance to graduate and professional course students in almost every type of case. The areas where they commonly help are:

  • Misconduct by a college employee
  • Graduate students
  • Undergraduate students
  • Nursing students
  • Dental students
  • Medicine students
  • Student-athletes
  • Physician’s assistant students
  • Abroad studying students

The Trouble That it Can Cause to Your Career


Student misconduct can cause you harm that is beyond your imagination. All your dreams and hard work will go in vain if you are caught in student misconduct. The proceedings resemble a court proceeding only in this case. You are regarded as guilty from the beginning. The fines you would have to pay can be very high, and the following are the consequences you can face:

  • Criminal charges depending on the misconduct
  • High valued restitution requirements
  • You’ll lose time
  • You’ll lose tuition
  • A permanent stain on your record, which may have negative consequences while getting hired
  • Difficulties to restarting your education
  • A battered professional and personal image

The most pathetic disadvantage of the accused student is that they do not have a clear understanding of time to deal with the situation all alone. The institution will just sit the student down and move quickly with all the process and penalize the student. The disciplinary process takes place within a few days of whatever the misconduct transpired.

Final Words

To sum up, no one should take these allegations lightly. Without professional help, the future of the student will be lost in darkness. All may be because of a wrong step or misunderstanding.

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