How Much do Professional Poker Players Make a Year?

Individuals that enjoy playing table games have a dream of becoming a professional. After all, why not, they could enjoy their favorite card game, while at the same time, they could earn the money they require for covering all of their living expenses. However, are experienced poker players really as rich as most people think?

Whether you’re thinking about becoming a professional poker player or if you simply want to find out how much they earn, you’re reading the right article! Below, we’ll look at the average salary of these professional players and we’ll also reveal how much money expert poker players earn in different countries. So, let’s take a look at our lists:

Worldwide Average Income For Professionals Poker Players


If you take a look at some statistics from the past few years, you’ll learn that the global average income for experts is approximately $37.000 per year or a little bit over $3.000 every month. This is probably much lower numbers than you expected to see, and when you take into account that there is no healthcare coverage, benefits, or paid holidays, this number might seem to be extremely low. So, why is it so low?

Well, it’s simple to understand, most professionals don’t live in countries that are expensive such as the United Kingdom and the United States. Instead, they live in countries where there is a low cost of living – such as Africa or Asia – meaning that they can become expert poker players, without having to earn massive amounts of money to cover their living expenses. It’s also worth mentioning that the average income is distorted by individuals who book 6-figure and 7-figure wins.

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This means that there are individuals that earn up from $1.000.000 to $10.000.000. There are also people that play $5 or $$10 NLHE, and they usually earn up to $250.000 annually, meaning that they earn approximately $100 dollars every hour. Of course, you should keep in mind that their earnings will vary from one player to the next and it’ll also rely on the country they live in, which leads us to the following point in our article…

The Intermediate Income By Country

Now that you’ve learned what the average salary worldwide is, you might want to learn what income experienced poker players have by country of residence. Again, you must keep in mind that the income will vary from one player to the next, the tournaments they participate in, as well as the amount of money they get per hour, meaning that some individuals could earn more than what we’ll state below. Nonetheless, the average salary for professional poker enthusiasts by country is the following:


1. “The United States of America”

In the USA, experienced players most commonly have a wage of $61.000 annually, meaning that they receive approximately $5.000 each month. Now, all players are required by law to pay taxes on the cash they earn, hence, some professionals playing in LA might end up paying over 10k in taxes after each win. Online casino games on sites such as are also quite popular with people, although it might be daunting to become an expert.

2. “The United Kingdom”

If you take a look at the UK, a pro player will earn up to $43.000 each year, meaning that they’ll get around $3.600 dollars every month. But, when compared to the US players, they are not required to pay federal taxes on their earnings, meaning that they save up to $6.000 annually. British people love gambling, especially poker and slot machines, online sites aren’t prohibited and most cities in the nation will have some awesome live poker establishments.

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3. “Canada”

In Canada, a pro player could be predicted to earn around $42.000 every year or approximately $3.600 each month. Now, a big difference between American and Canadian experts is that they don’t need to pay federal taxes on their wins, hence, their earnings actually amass to $52.000 every year. Canada has a wide range of casinos, both online and physical, and people there enjoy spending their time playing poker.

4. “France”

It’s pretty safe to say that a professional in France will earn a yearly income that is similar to the ones of Canada and the United Kingdom, meaning that they’ll receive around $38.000 every year. But, just like American experts, they’re required by law to pay tariffs, however, they don’t need to pay them on their wins, instead, they pay them on their salary. Online poker establishments are totally legal, but, only French people can use them, thus, there is a limit on the amount of money they can actually earn while playing online.

5. “Brazil”

Since the living expenses are relatively low in Brazil, so is the revenue for pro poker players. In most cases, they’ll earn approximately $600-$700 every month, meaning that they earn a little bit more than $7.000 each year. The profits of pros are, of course, taxes, however, the taxes aren’t as high as the ones in America, instead, they’re taxed at 30 percent, meaning that the players still get to take home a lot of their winnings.

6. “Australia”

Similar to the UK expert players, poker enthusiasts could make around 3.600 dollars each month, meaning that they receive more than $40.000 annually. Now, you should know, the players aren’t the ones that are taxed there, instead, the country taxes the casinos and gambling establishments, hence, they can rake up to $50.000! Online poker is extremely popular with Australians and slots are more commonly referred to as “pokies” over there.



Although you might have thought that all professional poker players earn millions of dollars every year, this is only true for a lucky few. Depending on their country of residence, players earn from $3.200 to $5.000 per month, hence, on a yearly level, they can earn from $38.400 to $61.000.

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No matter why you decided to open and read this article, you’ve now learned what players earn the most and least in their countries. Keep in mind that their earnings will depend on a wide range of factors, so, don’t be surprised if a pro player from India earns more than one in the United Kingdom.