How Volunteering and Charity Experience Helps Students To Boost Their Prospects

Probably all of us have heard of volunteers, people who change the world for the better by their actions, helping the sick, orphans, homeless animals, and taking care of those who unfortunately cannot take care of themselves. What motivates these people? Why do they volunteer? What qualities and values do these people possess? And what do they need to do to be kind, responsive, sincere, happy and compassionate?

Volunteers are diverse people engaged in charity in different areas of life. Some donate things to people in need, some become donors, and some develop and fund projects that preserve the health and well-being of the planet. So what does volunteering mean? Why is it so important to engage in such a noble cause?

According to a study conducted by the NUS in 2014, it was revealed that 31% of students engage in volunteer work. By the numbers, that makes for about 725,000 students in the UK.
The main reason that students engage in volunteering is to give back to society. That could be to help the underprivileged or to help those in need due to a problematic situation. In some institutions, volunteering is mandatory to help students get a certain amount of credits. This helps in their overall development and pushes them to do better as human beings.

Building Awareness and Helping Those in Need


Spreading the word about charity is vital in the modern world. And students, with their energy and enthusiasm, make for the perfect people to do so.

The usage of social media enables them to showcase their contributions and spread awareness as well. This can also help others step forward to help those in need.

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Giving back to the underprivileged is one of the best feelings in the world. Unfortunately, as a student, you might not be able to provide that assistance financially. But, you can make a difference by delivering hands-on aid.

By the way, social responsibility is one of the top philosophy essay topics in universities. So it will be easier for those who are engaged in philanthropy to cope with the writing assignment.

Growth of Social Skills

One of the most significant benefits of volunteer work for students is the ability to meet new people. You will not only engage with the people you’ll be helping out but also with your co-volunteers. And the best part about it is that you’ll be in the mix of like-minded people.

For all you know, you could be a part of a brand-new social circle by the end of the program. This is especially helpful for those who are reserved and cannot socialize.

The communication skills you gain through student volunteering help you throughout life. You’ll be able to get your message across in all walks of life and to all kinds of people. If you’re willing to take the risk and help abroad, you’ll be even more fulfilled with the results.

Growth in Vision


Students volunteering often talk about a change in their worldview. They also gain the ability to apply what they have learned in classrooms to the real world. This experience is invaluable and turns them into better assets as an employee.

If you are a student thinking of volunteering for a charity, then surely go ahead with it. For example, if you’re a law student, you could try out pro-bono work. For art students, you could participate in local projects or help teach your skills to the needy. For social science students, you could educate people on the basics of living and leading better lives.

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When you apply for jobs, be sure that the employers will ask you about your experience. Showcasing yourself in a value-adding position is a great way to make a mark on them.

Practical Experience

Your ability to go beyond textbooks is one of the most significant assets you’ll gather. And volunteering work, primarily when related to your industry, will give you that knowledge. You will learn what works and what doesn’t, and also be able to get to know of hacks and workarounds that save time.

Maximizing productivity is a great way to lead your best life. And volunteering will 100% show you the way to go about it.

Better Mental Health


Being a student is directly connected with stress. Think about volunteering as one of the most effective ways to maintain your inner health. Unfortunately, this student volunteering benefit is often overlooked. As written in the Journal of Happiness Studies, students doing charity work report better mental health. The simplistic explanation for this is that happiness grows when it is shared.

So, when you help out those in need and share positivity, you must enjoy a part of it too. This helps you appreciate volunteering work and realize the perks of helping people out in general.
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Successful work of students in the charitable sphere depends on many components, the key of which is their own motivation. When young people understand why they spend their free time with strangers, when everything works out, and when work brings more joyful emotions than negative ones – you can be sure that charity will remain a part of a young volunteer’s lifestyle in the future.

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Volunteering is an integral part of university life, which instills and develops in students such moral qualities as kindness, compassion, sincerity, love of others and nature.
Student volunteering work is encouraged from schools. But, even if you’re in college, it is not too late to try your hand at it. You could also find a completely new interest which you never would’ve found otherwise!