5 Things To Look For When Buying A Portable Dryer Machine – 2024 Guide

Dryer machines are a household essential, even if your house is prone to constant sunlight exposure. The reasoning behind it is simple: you need a machine that can dry your clothes quickly and efficiently so that your plans are not hindered in any way. Think about it, would you cancel a party just because your clothes are still wet? Absolutely not!

This is why dryers come so handy. However, dryers suffer from one major flaw that can negate all their benefits in a small household – their bulk and immobility. Dryers are often bulky machines that stay at one spot forever and dry your clothes as per your preference. Thing is, while large dryers may be well suited for large households with multiple family members, it just doesn’t make sense to have them if you live alone or just as a couple.

That’s why many manufacturers have one simple solution that counters this problem seamlessly – portable dryer machines. Portable dryer machines are not as bulky as their larger counterparts and can be easily removed, moved, and installed from one spot to the other. This makes them very convenient for apartments that are already packed in space!

If you too are searching for a portable dryer machine to buy but don’t know what to look for, then worry not because we have some proper portable dryer machine advice for you! In this guide, we’ll talk about the various things you should consider and keep in mind when buying a portable dryer machine for your home starting from –

1. The size of your portable dryer machine

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You’d be surprised to know that even portable dryer machines come in various unique sizes. These sizes largely depend on their utility and function. For example, a tripod portable dryer machine would occupy the least amount of space in your house whereas an entire portable cloth dryer rack would be much more extensive and occupy as much space as a small phone booth.

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That’s why it’s necessary to understand your drying needs and pick the most suitable machine that fits inside your home. If your apartment is too cramped, we strongly recommend against buying any large portable dryers until you have enough space for them. If you have sufficient space in your house and are looking for a more classy alternative, there are several compact drivers that will fit nicely and provide great value.

2. Voltage

Voltage is also one of the most essential things you should be on the lookout for when buying a portable dryer machine. The voltage of the machine will decide how much voltage it will require once it’s plugged inside the electrical socket of your home. Most portable dryer machines require 120V or 240V, and this can be considered as a general voltage standard across the board.

While most houses come equipped with electrical sockets that can handle this type of voltage, some houses don’t and you should verify that you don’t buy a portable dryer machine that requires more voltage than your socket can handle. This can lead to short circuits and prove to be disastrous for your property.

3. Power consumption

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While we are on electricity usage, power consumption is another major factor that can’t be overlooked. You should check the power usage of any portable dryer machine that you buy so that you don’t end up buying a non-energy efficient portable dryer machine that only serves to unnecessarily increase your electricity bills.

Many dryer machines have energy star ratings on them, like most electrical appliances, which can be a clear indication of how much energy they save. The most optimal choice would be to go for the most energy-efficient portable dryer that fulfills your needs while keeping your electricity costs down.

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4. Type

Along with sizes, portable dryer machines also have different types. Essentially they all do the same job of drying your clothes out. However, different types of portable dryers can dictate how much time you would need to dry your clothes, if they would be wrinkle-free, and their usage. Below are the most common types of portable dryers that are optimal for household use –

  • Tripod portable dryers – Tripod portable dryers are exactly like what their name suggests – dryers that have a tripod structure for hanging your clothes and letting them dry. These dryers are one of the smallest, versatile and affordable dryers you can get. It sends heat waves around your clothes to properly bask and heat them.
  • Portable racks – Imagine a clothes rack that is not only portable but can dry your clothes as well and is made out of insulating fabric – and you have portable dryer racks. These racks are great for large storage of clothes and can dry a large number of your clothes much quicker than traditional methods. Their only disadvantage is that they are quite large in size which can be a trouble for compact homes.
  • Electrical compact dryers – These dryers are the most like normal dryers with one key difference – they can be moved around much easily. While they cost more, they allow the quickest drying times and advanced technology to ensure your dried clothes are clean and wrinkle-free. They also look quite stylish since they are metallic in nature.
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5. Features

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So you chose the perfect dryer for your home after considering all the things such as size, type, and voltage and you put your woolen sweaters inside them to dry and found out after 1 or 2 hours that your sweaters were slightly burned! This is not an uncommon occurrence as many portable dryer machines don’t necessarily come with additional features that ensure safety for different cloth materials.

If you have a lot of clothes made from different materials, you should make it a priority to buy a portable dryer machine that has custom program options for your various cloth materials. These options heat your clothes differently to ensure they won’t burn. There are also other features you can consider having in your portable dryer machine such as emergency alarms in case your clothes catch fire and alerts for when your clothes are dried properly.


Buying a portable dryer machine is not that easy and many things need to be factored before making the purchase. If this article helped ease the buying process for you, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.