Speech on Social Media

Speech on Social Media

Speech on Social Media

It all began with technology. Man invented it for making a better life and it became a revolution. Today, none of us is without technology, in fact, we can’t even imagine our lives without it. Under the section, one particular aspect took the world with a whirlwind and we all know it as social media. We find jobs on social media, we connect on social media and some of us even fall in love on social media. It has become an integral part of our daily life and our relationship as well. We land ourselves in a good job or get married or have babies or going anywhere we put it up on social media. Our achievements, special moments, practically our entire life lies open on this platform.


It has changed our lives in many ways. Facebook has helped us in connecting to people who stay far away and helped us find our long lost dear ones. Twitter has helped us in expressing more in lesser words. It has made our speech more effective and meaningful. LinkedIn has helped us in finding a professional platform and connections. There is good everywhere in it. Or is it?


Have you ever considered that there is so much information about you, your family, and loved ones that lies in the open for everyone to see that it could be harmful? In fact, it has helped in many crimes. Strangers know so much about you. It’s creepy that all this information can be misused. There is no way of knowing that the person on the other side of the profile is the one you know. How do you know that the id belongs to a real person and is not a fake one or not hacked? It’s dangerous.

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Social media has also taken away small childhood pleasures like playing outside and socializing in real. Every kid now days are sucked up in the void of social media. It’s ruining relationships, health, and careers as well. It has replaced the real conversations and expressions. The walls of social media have in reality placed a wall between everyone. We can’t deny its usefulness but can’t overlook its darker side as well.

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