10 Tips For Making an Injury Claim for Concussion in 2024

Concussion injury claims should be something to think about if you have suffered any internal injury that could have caused trauma. The most common causes are due to car accidents, two-wheeler accidents, as well as when participating in some sports. Both men and women can have a concussion at any point during their lifetime, which is why it is important to act accordingly. Not too sure how to make a claim and you need some guidance? Keep on reading since we will help you with making a claim.

What is a concussion?

This is a mild traumatic brain injury that can have an impact on your brain functions, as well as your motoric abilities. In some cases, you could end up with a headache, memory issues, balance and coordination issues, as well as blurry vision. Naqvi Injury Law focuses on car accident cases and will help you with your future legal process, along with getting a claim or a car accident lawsuit. They will also help you out with every step and will give you crucial details when making your claim. If you’re not too sure where to start, give them a go since they are an amazing company for car accidents, bike accidents, slip & fall, as well as uninsured cases.

10 Tips For Making an Injury Claim for Concussion

1. Try to collect your evidence

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The jury will look at your case only because of your evidence. Try to preserve as much as possible, since you might win the case with properly organized and visible evidence. Take plenty of photos and collect the names of witnesses and people that are around you. If there’s a policeman nearby try to get his accurate report. Your attorney will have an amazing base to start with and will prepare evidence with ease.

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2. Get the needed medical treatment

Winning in a personal injury case often means getting a full refund of your medical bills. Your doctor should have a document filled out with his notes & thoughts, and he should have a treatment plan ready to go. This way, you might get a higher settlement. In some cases, you might need to see a therapist for post-traumatic stress, but you will get your medical bills paid by the other side.

3. Make sure to value your claim fully

There are loads of different claims that you can make, you wouldn’t even believe how far you can go. Claim compensation for any irregularity or even emotional damage is some of the most common ones. You could evaluate your situation along with your lawyer. Personal injury lawyers will tell you to revalue everything and claim each damage individually when building your case.

4. Don’t be impatient

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Do not accept the first offer that you’re given! Sometimes, being too eager or impatient might make you miss out on greater and bigger deals that are waiting for you down the line. To get the best recovery, try to stay cool, calm, and collected. You can reject 2-3 first offers, and listen to your attorney since they probably have a lot of experience when it comes to accepting a good settlement in the end.

5. Explain what you think about the offer

Communication is key in this case. How strong is your case, and what are you trying to achieve in the end? Your attorney can help you handle all of the considerations, and they will also showcase through different ways why something might be poor or inadequate for you.

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6. Do not forget to talk about future damages

You can experience a lot of injuries in the future. Are you sure that you are going to fully recover? In some cases, you can think about as well as add your future damages to the case. A medical team will help you understand what those are, and will help you include them in your claim. Do not get too scared, but be aware of your future options and damages.

7. Build your case

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Going one step at a time is crucial in this case. Try to go methodically and you will have a successful case in the end. Try to:

a) Request records
b) Talk to your doctor, and then the medical team
c) See how prepared you are
d) Have a strong case
e) Listen to your attorney and make some changes if they suggest

If the other side believes that you’re not trying hard they might low ball your settlement.

8. Don’t wait too long to file your case

After an injury occurs, think fast, and do not let the time run out. In some states and countries, limitations are different, which means that you will have to contact your lawyer as soon as this happens. Most people usually miss out on their application, but moving quickly and swiftly will let the other side know that you are serious about this process, as well as not willing to give up any time soon. They will also see how hurt and frustrated you are, which is a good sign.

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9. Do not use socials

This one might sound a bit funny, but it is something that you should stay away from. Everything can be held against you (literally), including your social media. Do not let your Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram show you as a reckless driver or someone who has had a bad past. Stay low-key until the settlement is reached, and stay away from socials for your own good.

10. Have a good first-impression

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Last, but not least, make a good impression once you arrive at the court. Juries will take a look at you, while fully listening to and reading your case. Put your best foot forward, do not forget to smile, stay polite, as well as collected. This small effort can make a drastic change and might make you win the case. When it comes to your settlement and your due-date practice beforehand with your lawyer. Apply all the little tips and tricks and you’ll walk out proud and happy.