Mixing Kratom and Coffee- What you Shouldn’t Miss

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world and Kratom is gradually gaining popularity in recent years. For many people, coffee is their morning staple drink and a necessity as well. In a study, researchers saw that in the USA people consume coffee more than water or soda.

Coffee and kratom both are energizing drinks that wake your body up for a few hours. But you may be one of the ones who love both coffee and kratom and don’t want to give up any of these. This article will suggest techniques so that you can incorporate both into your everyday routine.

What is Kratom?

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You get Kratom from a tree called Mitragyna speciosa which grows in Southeast Asia. Kratom is the leaves of this plant and is generally consumed dried or brewed or in capsule form. It contains psychotropic compounds that affect the consumer’s mind, but it is a legal drug. Moreover, you can order it from online websites such as goldenmonk.com easily rather than buying from retail shops. Other than the common methods, people also take kratom as gums, extracts and some even chew the leaves. You can also smoke it or brew it or take it as capsules.

Similarities between Kratom and Coffee

Kratom and coffee have some similarities like:

  • Origin:

Both of the beverages originate from the Rubiaceae (coffee) family, and thus both are related. And this is the reason both have similar kinds of effects like providing a boost of energy to your body.

  • Taste:

Coffee & kratom both are bitter & thus most people who can’t handle bitterness, prefer to mix these with something. For example, people mix milk and sugar with coffee, and for kratom, they either mix it with food or wash it down with a nice beverage.

  • Effect on body:

Coffee has almost all positive effects on your body if you take it in a moderate amount every day. It acts as a prevention from various diseases like Parkinson, heart disease, Alzheimer, as well as liver cirrhosis. But researchers don’t know much about kratom, while it also has some health benefits like managing pain, relief from opium addiction, etc.

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Are they addictive?

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While both don the tags of being addictive beverages, and some also suspect that kratom is more addictive than coffee. But research shows that coffee is as addictive as kratom. People get dependent on coffee very easily. People also socialise on coffee, order it on dates, during work, and on so many different occasions.

Moreover coffee enhances the flavour of the food, thus people mix it in cakes, ice creams and so on. Kratom on the other hand is not consumed so frequently, but both help in alkaline saturation inside your system. Moreover, if you consume both of these beverages frequently without much time gap you will fall addicted and build a tolerance level.

Differences between Kratom and Coffee

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Both have many differences as well other than their characteristic similarities.

  • Varieties and effects

Coffee enthusiasts know there are over 100 kinds of coffee, but the most sold in the commercial market is Arabica and Robusta. But no matter which variety of coffee you take, you will experience the same effect of energizing you.
But the case with kratom is a bit different and the varieties of red, green and white have different effects.

  • Potency

The effect of kratom is more than that of coffee. While the effect of coffee stays for 4-6 hours, kratom stays for 5-6 hours. But the one with the strain Red Sumatra delivers its effect on the body until 10 hours.

Legality and availability

While there are no questions on the legality of coffee, there are some in the case of kratom. In some countries, it’s banned, eg, Australia, New Zealand. Also, Sweden and Russia labelled it as a controlled substance. Whereas in the US it is legal, and thus we say ordering it online is hassle-free.
But, in the US also the companies can only sell it if they don’t label the kratom package as a dietary supplement. So, it refers that you can buy it to make and incorporate in the production of body butter or soap. But you can’t sell it for human consumption.

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Mixing Kratom and Coffee

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The basic answer is it depends on your preferences and your body suitability. If it is your need and your body doesn’t show any negative reaction to the kratom and caffeine mix, then you can have it. There are a few methods of mixing both, but in the end, it will be your preference and suitability.

Some people prefer mixing it as the same drink to consume it. They brew the coffee and kratom separately and then mix them. But if the taste is too much to bear for you, try adding some sweetener. But if you are mixing, lower your kratom dosage, especially for white strains.

Effects of mixing both

Though consuming either of them have their kind of health benefits, if you mix them, you will get some unique benefits. Firstly, if someone despises the flavour and bitterness of kratom, combining it with coffee will give them a flavorful drink. Secondly, while kratom can give you an energy boost, coffee will provide a slow and steady stream of energy. Moreover, be sure of getting some relaxation and pleasant feeling as the effect of kratom. Whereas, on the other hand, caffeine only provides energy stimulation and wakes your body up.

Separate or alternate the beverages

You can drink them separately like having the kratom first & then having your flavourful coffee to wash away the kratom’s taste. Though very few people have coffee first and then kratom, it’s entirely your choice, but keep a 30 minutes window in between. You can also alternate the days of consumption if you prefer taking the green or white strain. As both of these strains are strong and have similar stimulating effects like coffee, alternate the drink in either day.

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Coffee and preferable Kratom strains

If you want to mix coffee and Kratom or have both of these in a single day, go for a slower strain of kratom. Red strain is relaxing and helps in pain killing, in fact, large doses of this strain can make you feel sleepy. So, if you want a pain killer, yet do not feel sleepy go and get these mixed. If you are new start with a small dosage of kratom and build according to your need and preference. Consult with your doctor if you have any medical conditions.