Speech on Yoga

Yoga has long been practiced for the better part of the last 5000 years and chronicles the physical and spiritual journey that one takes, as one practice the various asanas. It has long been believed that Yoga is the gateway to a higher form of living. It had long been conscripted into the various spiritual teachings but today Yoga stands out on its own as the perfect way to medicate and achieve bliss.

Speech on YOGA

From the loincloth to leotards, the transformation of an ancient practice into a postmodern form of exercise is complete.  Sure, you could ask why it’s a big deal but the fact of the matter is that Yoga is one of the most effective forms of physical exercise, one that can help you address several health issues from migraines to stress, by performing these asanas. It should be noted that no one is claiming Yoga to be a magic pill but the fact remains that it can help with pain management, stress, back relief, and much more.

Various studies had been conducted on the many health benefits of Yoga and in each one of those cases, it has been proven that yoga does provide several health benefits and has even managed to help mitigate labor pains to an extent. Yoga is a lot more than a set of poses that you are required to hold for long, it imparts various techniques on breathing and with these breathing exercises, and you can now start meditating as well. While the west seems to have caught the yoga fever, they seem to have left the spiritual component out of the mix. Yoga today is less about man’s relationship with God and more about his relationship with his body; which is ironic since one of the first lessons that we learn in Yoga is to be less concerned about our material selves.

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With so many yoga teachers imparting various yoga lessons, it seems that you may have a hard time picking out the right course. This is why it makes more sense to check out a few yoga classes before you decide to enroll for one. Yoga is not about getting fit or looking great for the ad shoot, rather it is about personal growth and the innate need for deep introspection. Think of the various health benefits as more of an add-on, nothing more, nothing less.

It is important that you set aside a schedule and yoga is all about self-discipline. If you cannot control your base impulse and still tend to act impulsively, then yoga may not be for you. It is just that yoga requires a lot of self-discipline on your part, and your determination to overcome all of your demons and in the process, become a better person.  You do not have to attend class each day to practice yoga, you can do it directly from the comfort of your own home – just make sure that you are using the right visual tools and you should soon become fit, both on the outside and on the inside as well.