Movie-romantic: Ideas for the Perfect Valentine’s Date from Your Favorite Movie Characters

A romantic dinner, a glass of champagne, and a melodrama on the big screen is not the worst recipe for the perfect Valentine’s Day, especially the one that comes on Friday, as the finale of the workweek. But if this option seems too boring and mundane to you, write your own scenario for February 14.

And the heroes of your favorite movies, who have already had a perfect date, will help you with this. We reviewed the best romcoms of all time and tell you how easy and simple it is to arrange a date like in movies to surprise your loved one. But if you still do not have someone to spend this romantic holiday with — use to find your soulmate.

1. Ice Rink, Moon, and Love


In the melodrama “Intuition”, the heroes are looking for each other throughout the film. And the plot ends with magical shots of a meeting at a skating rink in Central Park. Evening, lights, light swirling snow, and two figures sliding hand in hand to the music from the speakers. An excellent option would be an ice rink with a view of the river or the panorama of the city.

And if your ice rink becomes a skating rink in the yard, where you two find yourself, you can repeat shots from the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, where lovers lie on the ice and look at the stars.

And you can end the date in a cozy coffee shop, warming yourself with mulled wine and warm hugs. Most importantly, do not forget to take hundreds of romantic selfies for social networks.

2. Get Lost in the Store

A bit strange, but very nice idea: you can spend the evening of February 14th … in a furniture store. This is the kind of date the heroes of the film “500 Days of Summer” have arranged for themselves. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel turned a casual shopping trip into a romantic date. Lying on beds, playing hide-and-seek among closets, and seriously discussing a joint future, choosing the perfect kitchen or living room.

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And here it is so easy to imagine that you choose all this setting for yourself, in a big house for a big family. And play the family: here is a corner for the evening in front of the TV, here is the bathroom, in which you urgently need to change the taps. Distribute the roles and go ahead — have fun. And, who knows, maybe in the end you will understand each other even more than you supposed.

3. Recall Everything


A sentimental scenario for St. Valentine’s Day can be borrowed from the movie “The Vow”. On their fourth anniversary, Paige and Leo get into a car accident and the girl loses her memory. Trying to win back his wife’s love, Leo invites her on an amazing memory date. The parking lot where they first met, their favorite restaurant, the lake where they swam every month.

Taking a walk in the past can be a great way to refresh a relationship and remember the best that happened between you. Of course, you will have to try to prepare the route, but the effect will be incredible. Recall everything that connects you:

  • a park bench where you kissed for the first time or spent several hours having an exciting conversation,
  • a restaurant where you dine on Sundays,
  • a store where you bought pair mugs with funny cats.

This walk can be turned into a real quest: leave a piece of paper with a task waiting for you at each of the points, having completed which you will find out where to go next.

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4. Confessions in the Midst of Turmoil and Gunfire

Remember the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”? Where Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt constantly fight each other, and then passionately reconcile on the ruins of the house? For an adventure in the spirit of this movie, opt for laser tag — a great option for those who want to relieve tension, blow off steam, and once again understand how dear they are to each other. By the way, on February 14, such clubs offer special options for lovers so take advantage.

5. Looking for the Right Path to the Heart


In the film “Chocolate”, the heroes of Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche proved that joint culinary feats can end in a sumptuous romantic dinner, after which the lovers only get closer. To bring this scenario to life, you can sign up for a culinary master class at one of the city’s restaurants. After the culinary feats, you will have a delicious dinner and praise each other for your diligence with a glass of wine.

6. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

“Let’s do what we’ve never done all day long,” Holly says to Paul. We also suggest you do something for the first time: engrave initials or a meaningful phrase on the ring, go to the library in the morning, put on funny masks and, holding your beloved’s hand, walk around the city in them. What you need: a free day for recklessness, a little imagination, and an accessory for the girl.

7. Visit Planetarium


“La La Land” romantic musical is not a typical lyrical story with a happy ending. The main characters are young creative people Mia and Sebastian. Both had once traveled to Los Angeles to find their place in the sun. Mia attends auditions in hopes of getting a starring role, and Sebastian takes night jobs in small clubs to open his own jazz establishment one day. Fate brings these two together one day, and their feelings develop according to a magical scenario. Pay attention to the scene where the heroes go on a romantic date at the planetarium. Mia and Sebastian had a great time there and then extended the pleasure with a night walk under a real starry sky.

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8. Night Nude Swimming

Sometimes it is useful to cross some boundaries to remain in the memory of your chosen one. An example of a date from the romantic comedy “The F Word” is suitable for the daredevils ready to experiment. In the story, the main characters are best friends. Having met at one of the parties with the beautiful Shantry, the shy Wallace immediately fell in love. However, it turned out that she has a boyfriend, and the hero was forced to agree to the role of a friend so as not to lose sight of her. Now he is always there, but secretly looking for an opportunity to conquer her.

At one of these moments, the couple’s friends take them to spend the night by the sea. Long night conversations around the fire and a relaxed atmosphere bring the relationship of the characters to a new level so much so that nude swimming becomes the next step. We recommend imitating these characters if a set of dry clothes awaits you on the shore.