Why Do Surfers Always Wear Wetsuits?

The essential gear in surfing is the wetsuit. If you are a professional or a newbie, you must purchase a good-quality wetsuit before stepping into the sea for surfing. You might be wondering why the swimsuit is necessary for surfers. Generally, their suit color is also black, which is another thing to think about. It is easy to recognize surfers even if you do not know how to do this activity.

In the following write-up, we will discuss why surfers always wear wetsuits. There is no role of climate because it is necessary to wear it under any condition. These swimsuits are made with neoprene foam, which has many benefits of wearing it. Let us explore various reasons why a surfer must wear a full wetsuit.

1. Keep Your Body Warm

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It is one of the main reasons why wetsuits are designed for surfers. The neoprene foam material used in manufacturing swimsuits keeps the body warm. The material is built with several nitrogen bubbles filled with rubber. The suit fits well and wraps every body part tightly.

It helps trap the body heat and prevent the water’s cold temperature. The suit fits so well that a thin water layer can get inside. But it will not affect your body temperature. If you are surfing in freezing water without your costume, you will suffer from hypothermia.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep your body warm, and you must wear your swimsuit every time you go surfing. But if you are doing this water sport in hot weather, then you must choose a costume with less thickness. It is a full-body suit that covers all your body parts except your face, hands, and feet.

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2. Prevent Injuries from Rocks and Boards

Surfing is a dangerous water sport activity, and you cannot get into the water without any protective gear. The wetsuit provides protection and prevents your body from any injuries caused by rocks and boards. The wave flow is unpredictable, and anything can happen in the sea at any time. In an unfortunate situation, a wave can lie on the rocks, and it can cause severe injuries.

But if you wear the costume, nothing will happen to you. The foam-coated swimsuit protects and prevents your body from such injuries. Your complete skin is covered, and there is less risk of getting scratches. Your costume can get ripped off, but you will remain safe. Many people prefer to wear helmets for extra protection.

3. Provide Protection from UV Rays

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The surfer’s costume is made with neoprene foam with carbon, which gives a black appearance. The black color has a tendency to absorb UV rays and prevents sunburns. Your body will stay warm, and you will not experience other things.

Even if you surf for many hours, there will be no tanning in that area. It is the main reason for keeping the color black of the costume that surfers wear. It is necessary to get UV protection. You can buy high-quality black wetsuits from Surfari.ch.

4. Preventing Board Rashes

Surfing boards are available in two materials, i.e., foam and fiberglass. You may not get hurt by the foam ones, but fiberglass can cause rashes. When you lie on the board on your ribs and push the board in any direction. Your body continuously hits the board.

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Therefore, you should avoid going naked in the water. It is better to wear a wetsuit that will help in preventing the board rashes. The costume provides extra protection to your body and prevents such injuries.

5. Sponsored Surfers

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Many companies desire to sponsor surfers and prefer them to wear customized costumes. The surfing experts wear those suits to advertise those brands and attract everyone’s attention.

In this way, many people observe the costume, and they also prefer to buy them. It can be a selling policy of any company. The surfers are paid to wear those costumes to advertise any brand.

6. Enhance Performance

The costume is well-connected to the performance of the surfer. When you wear the right clothes for any activity, you perform better without experiencing any obstacles. Whatever sport you pick, there is a dedicated uniform or costume.

The same goes for surfing. If you are adventuring into the water to experience the sea waves, you have to wear a dedicated costume for doing this activity. If you wear anything random, you will not perform well. The right outfit helps in enhancing your performance and makes you presentable for the people who admire you.

7. Long-lasting Costume

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Anything random you wear can easily be ripped off in salty seawater. But the neoprene foam costume is enough that the salted water does nothing to its fibers. For surfing, you need to wear a long-lasting wetsuit that stays in the same condition even if you are doing this activity many times.

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It is an expensive costume that lasts for many years, but you have to keep it in good condition. No other material lasts longer than neoprene foam. While selecting the costume, you have to be wise.

8. Get Attention of Everyone

Surfers love to get the attention of people around them on the beach. The black wetsuit is quite attractive, and anyone can recognize a surfer. It is the best way to get people’s attention because this costume is quite beautiful.

It is necessary to keep local people at a distance to prevent them from hurting, and this costume works well to do so. People around the surfers also get attentive, and they pass them carefully.

Final Thoughts

If you do not know why surfers always wear wetsuits, these reasons will help clear your doubts. There is no identity of the surfer without his costume as it is a crucial gear for them.

If you are also interested in learning the surfing water activity, you have to invest in a good-quality costume. It is essential to stay safe and protected from dangers that can happen in the sea at any time.