Office Relocation: Tips on Packing and Moving IT Equipment and Office Assets Right

Planning to relocate your office? Completing an office relocation task is a very complicated and inflexible process. It needs effective and strong planning and expertise in the facilities and office assets to the new location. Completing the process on schedule and a budget is a big task and it takes competent management and help from the experts at to achieve this goal.
Transporting peripherals, computers, artwork, and equipment properly and in good condition is the mandatory aspect of an office move. When we think of an office move, things seem pretty simple but actually, they are not. All your company equipment should be packed properly to keep them protected from any damage during transit. Handling bulky equipment can make the move a lot more complicated than planned. So, make sure you plan and organize your move properly and don’t forget to take the help of skilled people.

Here are some tips that can help you in moving your office equipment safely to your new office facility:

Contact Professionals


Relocating an office is a complicated and time-consuming process and even hampers office work to a great extent. Hiring a professional moving company is highly recommended to save all the time and energy of your employees. Certain moving companies are experts in moving offices and you can consider hiring one. These companies offer full-service and hybrid services. Full-service will include everything right from packing your IT equipment to transporting and installing at the new facility.

If you are planning on hiring a professional moving company, make sure you book them in advance as it is hard to get the services of good companies especially during peak seasons. Don’t risk your expensive equipment with a random moving company.

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Prepare Inventory List

Making an inventory list is one mandatory part of an office move regardless of whether you are hiring a professional company or not. Make sure you list all the equipment and supplies in the inventory with all details related to them. Even if you are planning on hiring a professional moving company, you will still need this inventory list ready to be sure that everything is packed and protected and nothing is missing or damaged. You can even show this inventory list to the moving companies to have a moving estimate.

Disconnect All IT Equipment


Make sure that your IT personnel disconnect all the IT equipment and prepare them for packing. No matter if equipment will be packed by your employees or by the moving company, taking their inventory and keeping them safe is your duty. Consider packing all the cables, pointing devices, keypads, surge suppressors, and power cords in separate plastic bags. These bags can further be labelled and tape this bags to their respective system. Pack all electronic devices in good quality cardboard boxes and pad these boxes well as electronic devices are prone to damage even at the slightest of a jerk.

Label and Pad Wrap All Your Equipment

Labelling makes the process much easier. Don’t forget to label even a single cable as the smallest of parts lost can ruin the total equipment. Make sure the moving company is using the suitable and reliable packing material. All office equipment no matter how small it is should be pad-wrapped and should be further packed in commercial containers. Commercial containers or bins as they are called are heavy-duty corrugated tri-wall containers that keep the items stored in them safe from any damage.

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Ask Your Employees to Pack Their Desk Themselves


Another good way to keep all the stuff protected is to ask every employee to pack their desk themselves. This allocation of duty will divide the work evenly among all the employees and they will be able to pack their equipment efficiently. Make sure you provide all the required packing supplies to your employees for the safe packing of equipment. This method of packing and moving is very popular as it reduces the downtime of the company related to the move.

Make sure you give your employees a day off after the move so that they can regain and regenerate the energy to continue work at their new place.

Many business organizations relocate their offices at certain time intervals due to many reasons. There is nothing to be scared of about relocating an office if it is planned and executed well. As many times you will move your office, you will learn new moving hacks. Though allocating responsibility to your employees can be both a money-saving and time-saving act, hiring professionals can also save both. Make sure you evaluate the pros and cons of hiring professionals or allocating moving tasks to your employees.

After the move:

Once you have reached the new office relocation, you will have to ensure that the facility is fitted with the tech and equipment. Usually it is advised to perform the fitting and related task in advance as the more you delay, the higher losses you will incur in terms of performance and profitability.

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You will also need to make sure that the right gadget and tech is delivered in the right floor or rooms so that the installation is easy. Always hire professional IT experts to unpack and install the equipment.

As a responsible business owner, you must conduct an IT inspection at your premises to check for the installation need and available resources. You will have a fair idea if any additional fittings are needed at the building.

Office relocation is a complicated process and moving the IT equipment and tech is one of the most critical part of it. With these tips, you can ensure that you safely move the expensive items at your home and enjoy a safe experience.

You must book professional movers to handle the requirements and ask them for their modus operandi in advance. This will offer you clarification of what and how to proceed. Now if you have found the best location for your office, go get the best movers to pack your IT and tech assets.