Is Electric Skateboarding A Good Exercise – 2024 Guide

In our day-to-day life, commuting is one common troublesome aspect that takes away too much time, which many of us would wish to spend on exercising. For our busy lifestyle, electric skateboards are a great option because they can be used for commuting and exercising as well.

The popularity of electric skateboards has been rising in recent years. Many employees, teenagers, and even children are using electric skateboards. Generally, riding on the electric skateboard for over an hour will help to burn 50 to 100 calories. Besides that, electric skateboarding is also good for your physical and mental health.

Calories Burned Zumba created a calculator that shows the burned calories, check this and similar. Electric Skateboarding is also a good exercise because it loses calories. Actually, each body movement practice is a good exercise. Some exercise burns calories high, some are less. That’s only the difference but all are the exercises.

Do you want to get a new electric skateboard, but thinking about whether electric skateboarding is a good exercise? Electric skateboarding is indeed a good exercise, and it has plenty of benefits as well. If you want to know more about it, then keep reading.

Is Riding An Electric Skateboard A Good Exercise?


While riding on an electric skateboard, there are many elements that affect how many calories you have burned. Some of those factors include your height, weight, and amount of duration you ride on the electric skateboard. Plus, electric skateboarding helps to increase your balancing skills and flexibility.

Riding on the electric skateboard is a decent exercise. Standing on a longboard for about an hour will help to burn up to 100 calories. Hence, if you continue to ride on the electric skateboard for about an hour, your body can burn 50 to 100 calories based on your reasoning and how much balance or core is used.

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When you stand on the electric skateboard, you are depending on your feet and legs to keep your whole body balanced. Besides that, your brain will function continuously to cross the barriers. Thus, electric skateboarding burns calories while you try to keep the balance on board.

While you ride on the electric skateboard, you will rely on your brain for direction, balance, and to see the barriers in the path. When you are focusing on a difficult task, your brain requires more energy, which leads to more calorie burn. If you are riding the electric skateboard on a straight, flat course without using much energy, you will burn fewer calories. If your brain is using power, the average calorie consumption would be around 50 to 100 calories.

In a whole day, your brain burns nearly 320 calories only for thinking. So, you can burn more calories while riding on an electric skateboard by using your brainpower to focus on the road and obstacles. For performing skateboarding tricks, it is relatively crucial to stay fit. Executing stunts on the electric skateboard regularly will help in enhancing your torso, glute, and hamstring muscles. Also, they will maintain the calves and thighs fitness.

If you use your car frequently for a long time, there are high chances that you might be suffering from backache, body stiffness, and numbness all over your legs. However, if you ride on the electric skateboard, you will constantly need to keep your balance, which can make your whole body remain active.

When you ride on the electric skateboard for a longer duration, you can easily burn more calories. Sometimes, riding the skateboard for long distances will make your feet, ankles, and legs too sore. Also, you might feel relatively exhausted because of using plenty of muscle strength to keep your balance on the board. Riding to a faraway place on the electric skateboard regularly is an incredible way to lose excessive calories quickly.

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Electric Skateboarding Is Good For Your Health


Commuting on the electric skateboard at least once a day for adequate time is good for your health. If you want, you can wear a smartwatch while riding on the electric skateboard to check how many calories you have burned. Besides that, you can notice the amount of energy used and total physical activity as well.

A few American psychologists advise their clients to ride a skateboard as part of treatment for improved reasoning skills and strong beliefs. When you ride the electric skateboard, your brain will focus more on dodging obstacles and drifting away from unnecessary thoughts. Plus, doing skateboard tricks can boost your self-esteem, make you confident, resulting in a better mood.

In research conducted by the University of California, it is revealed that you are exposed to air pollution mostly while driving your vehicle to the workplace. The car cabin can collect excessive amounts of particulates and vapors that could be harmful to breathe. However, by riding on an electric skateboard, you can get access to the fresh outside air. Besides that, inhaling fresh air every day will enhance your overall health.

Several issues such as heavily crowded transportation, traffic jams, terrible weather, and annoying commuters will make you stressed. Due to that, there is a risk that your mental health might deteriorate. But, riding on the electric skateboard can help in strengthening your mental health. For example, when you are going on the skateboard and if you get stuck in the traffic, you can carry the board and walk away from the traffic through the sidewalk or pavements.

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Does Weight Affect Electric Skateboard Riding Performance?


Bodyweight truly has a large role in electric skateboard performance. People who fall on the heavier side can affect the braking, speed, and range of the electric skateboard. So, it is crucial to check the total weight capacity of the electric skateboard before acquiring it.

Though bodyweight affects electric skateboard performance, you can still burn calories. When the people who weigh more maintain their balance on the board, they will use core strength, which results in calorie burn.

Our Summary

From the above information, it is relatively clear that electric skateboarding is indeed a good exercise. Not just physical exercise, but electric skateboarding also boosts your mental health. Electric skateboarding needs a decent balance, coordination, and the potential to regulate your body. In the long run, skateboarders often become relatively flexible. For any queries related to electric skateboards, or if you want to buy a decent electric skateboard at a reasonable cost, you can check out