Where Can I Watch Official Movie Trailers?

Whether you decide to watch a movie at the cinema or at home, it will in any case require a little attention and organization from you. Which movie will you watch, when, in which cinema, etc., are just some of the questions you need to answer. Very often you can hear the discussion of movie lovers about whether or not to watch the movie trailer. Some claim that it only spoils the complete atmosphere of it, while others are categorically in defense of the trailer.

Watching official movie trailers can give you an insight into whether to set aside an hour or two for a film or not. Opponents of watching the movie trailer point out that the trailer itself does not have to or cannot convey the experience and emotion that the film offers. Still, trailers are so popular that they have even become an art expression. Many sites have focused only on presenting trailers. On such sites you can find the latest and most up-to-date titles, so there is no need to waste time on exhaustive surfing on the Internet.

If you are one of those who would rather watch the trailer before making the final decision on which movie to choose, we offer you 5 great sites where you can do it:

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The Internet Movie Database is the largest movie database on the Web. Since its inception (1990), this database has been consistently among the 100 most popular movie information databases. IMDb contains plenty of data and information about movies, movie news, reviews, stories, shows, and more. This is one of the oldest social networks, where you can create your profile, save the titles of movies you want to watch or give reviews.

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The latest titles from the world of film are constantly updated on the main page, and finding the desired trailer is very simple. This is a great website for all people who love trailers, but also for education about roles, awards and interesting information.


Although YouTube is not primarily oriented on movies, this is the most popular site for watching trailers. Besides videos, documentaries, shows, commercials, this is where you can definitely find an official movie trailer you are looking for. Using the YouTube channel is very simple: just enter the basic characters and find what you are looking for in a very short time.

Unlike IMDb, here you can find almost all producers and genres. You can, as an individual, or as a company, create your channel and post certain video content. Thus, the most popular film production companies have their own channels with an unimaginably large number of subscribers. This is where the latest titles are eagerly awaited. From feature-length films to short ones, comedies or horror movies, nowadays, thanks to the Internet, you can reach films that interest you with just one click. If you are a fan of short forms of videos, trailers and music videos, we suggest you visit googletune.com which is slowly making its way to the very top of popularity.

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Another no less popular movie database is Traileraddict. In one place you have all the latest movie trailers, even those less popular. The movie collection on this website is truly amazing. Movie trailers are arranged by category or you can find them on the search engine of this site by typing the basic characters. If you don’t even know what you really want to watch, the home page will show you the most famous titles and their trailers.

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If you are particularly interested in one special trailer, this site offers you additional TV spots and information related to that film. This web is not intended for those who occasionally like to watch a good movie or trailer, but the main idea is to satisfy the needs of the true fans for both trailers and films. The company has created a great Android application with which you have everything in one place and always with you. To justify your loyalty, you can very often participate in prize games completely free of charge through this application.


If you are looking forward to the trailer of a great new movie, this is the right place for it. Before the official trailer is announced, you can find short shooting essays, gossip related to that film or everything about the actors who play the main roles. So, although the Web is primarily intended for watching the trailers, here you can find interesting facts and information about the movie itself. Great place for fun and real movie lovers. Besides the trailers, you can also find popular series and games on this web.

The biggest drawback of this site is that, for additional trailer search, you need to buy an exclusive package. If you’re really crazy about movies, we’re sure it won’t be an obstacle because you get a lot.

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iTunes Movie Trailers

if you are a serious player, who is not interested in gossip and a lot of unnecessary information, this is the right place for you. This platform was created by Apple. And indeed, it fully justifies the name of the company. This is a serious website where you won’t have problems with annoying ads. Not the slightest part of the content of this site supports any form of commercial advertising. There are movie trailers and nothing more. You can be sure that you will watch them in high quality. For some quite enough, while others lack a little more relaxation and information.

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One of the biggest advantages, compared to similar sites, is the advanced search. You can sort the movies yourself, depending on your interests: last added, most popular, studio, exclusive, or by genre. In addition to this selection and ranking, here you can search and look for movie trailers by name of director or actors. Few pages with similar content can really boast of such advanced search, but also video quality.

The movie trailer transcends the boundaries of the film itself. It is free, not limited to cinema or DVD players. It has no scheduled time and is always and everywhere available. There is a huge list of pros and cons of watching movie trailers, but regardless, the trailers have created a whole world and a special attachment. Whether the essence of the film will be shown in 2 minutes or it will not convey the atmosphere in the best way, one thing is certain: the database of movie trailers is growing day by day, as is the number of views. Exclusive trailers of new films are now awaited with almost the same excitement as the film itself.

Humans are by nature curious beings, so few can resist peeking through the trailer into some new world of the film just coming out.