5 Best Teen Romances on Netflix in 2024

Since Netflix was launched, the whole world was taken by the storm. This small streaming service started producing its own shows not too long after the company came to be. This is a huge jump that completely changed the way we perceive ways to watch movies and tv shows. The fact that Netflix produces its own movies and tv shows can provide you with information about how big they got overtime. Not only that, but it also succeeded to obtain some of the most classical movies to stream on the platform.

Without any doubt, this was the first thing that hinted Netflix will become big in the future. We absolutely have no doubt that this move still plays a major role in their successful business, even though they managed to open up their own production. One more move that absolutely helped them reach new heights is to produce various movies and show them in foreign countries.

We can see that this streaming service is an absolute number one in their field of work, nevertheless of their competition, like Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. This was ensured by quality, without a doubt. However, one of the most popular movies that helped Netflix establish itself in a way they are now was streaming some of the classic movies, considered masterful by many.

One the genres that made it exceptionally popular was teen romances. It goes without saying that many people are not interested in this genre, labeling them as movies without true art form. We feel obliged to say that we don’t consider this to be true. However, this genre managed to unite people of all ages and preferences, due to the masterfully told stories. So, let us take a look at some of the best teen romances you can stream on Netflix.

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1. The Princess Diaries

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Everyone who has a daughter knows that every little girl wants to become a princess. It can be said that this is a prototype of many movie female movie characters in this genre. However, “The Princess Diaries” is a movie that used a stereotypical topic and made it into something truly masterful. Mia Thermopolis, played by Anne Hathaway, discovered one day that she is in line to inherit the throne of a fictive country, Genovia. Since she is only fifteen and she doesn’t have any experience in royal business, she asks her friends Michael and Lilly to help on her way to becoming a princess. This is an exciting story that managed to surpass all the things that made thins genre unpopular in the last couple of years.

2. Alex Strangelove

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“Alex Strangelove” is a movie that received R-rating, even though there is no real reason why it happened. We mean can hear the f word many times, but let’s face it, this is something we encounter during our everyday life so often that we are used to it. Anyway, the story follows Alex Truelove, who is president of his class who decided to make love for the first time to his girlfriend Claire. However, it all goes up in the air when he meets Elliot, a boy who is openly gay. This duo develops a highly complex relationship that leads to the climax. This is a movie about a boy who accepts who he is and becomes open about his interests. He accepts himself fully.

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3. The Edge of Seventeen

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All of us can say that life during high school is incredibly complex, due to having many different people around you and you need to fit in. “The Edge of Seventeen” is talking about just that, a seventeen-year-old girl who is struggling with all the issues that arise during puberty. Her brother doesn’t have any of these problems since he is dating many of her friends. At the same time, she is struggling because no boy ever notices her. On top of all that, she isn’t quite sure what she likes and what she’s interested in. Thankfully, she manages to overcome all of her struggles in the end and finds true love. We don’t have happy endings in life most of the time. This is why movies are so much popular.

4. She’s All That

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Now, we are going to talk about one of the most iconic movies from the 90s, “She’s All That”. Many people still watch this movie after all these years with excitement. This feeling can be credited to the masterful way this movie was done. The story follows Rachael Leigh Cook, on her way from being an ugly duckling to becoming a beautiful girl. One of the highlights of this movie is a character, exceptionally well player by Freddie Prinze Jr. His character is adored by many even almost three decades after this movie was released. The movie was directed by Robert Iscove, who is responsible for directing many other popular movies from this period. So, what you waiting for? Re-live this great experience once again.

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5. A Cinderella Story

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We feel that completing the list of the best teen romances you can stream on Netflix wouldn’t be completed without mentioning “A Cinderella Story”. As the name of the movie says, we are talking about a movie heavily based on a fairytale all of us grew up on. The storyline is set in modern times but follows exactly the same story as the original fairytale. A character played by Hilary Duff has an evil stepmother who mistreats her. Moreover, her stepsister is not helping with the situation. However, she has a grandmother who tries to help her on her way to get married to the prince. However, the prince is not exactly a prince in this story. Instead, he is the most handsome guy in her high school.

The Bottom Line

Teen romances are one of the most beautiful genres that unite many generations into one. Here, we’ve provided you with the top 5 teen romances you can stream through your Netflix account. We absolutely have no doubt that you will have fun.