Speech on the Power of Words

Words have the power to change, and to transform and even destroy worlds with a single phrase; of all the ways that we can affect each other, the words we utter is but one effective tool to impact the recipient either positively or negatively. One can argue that the words uttered can inspire a whole nation as was the case with Hitler and Germany, Mahatma Gandhi and India, and Martin Luther King and the US; the words these individuals spoke changed and shaped the course of human history itself. In fact, Gandhi’s Quit India movement speech was pivotal to the success of the Indian independence movement.

Speech on the power of words

It inspired a whole nation to bring the British industry in pre-independent India to a complete halt and served as one of the causative factors behind India regaining her freedom in 1947. Words can be spoken with a certain objective in mind; you could use your words to hurt or attack the other person and phrase your speech so that it has the maximum effect. On the other hand, you can use these words to inspire countless others to stand tall beside you, shoulder to shoulder which is what Churchill’s famous speech did to Britain during the second world war.

When you consider all these, you immediately become aware of the transformative effect of words, and what may sound like mere words to so many can actually help you get the support or help you need and even push you closer towards accomplishing your key goals. And as mentioned earlier, words can either be used positively or negatively and when you use words in the negative sense, you are bound to regret your actions later and be filled with recriminations for the same.

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It is for this reason that you may want to consider your words carefully and leave emotion out of the mix so as to avoid unnecessary complications. It is always better to use words In a positive way as that can help you transform someone’s life for the better and in the process, help you feel good about yourself. So choose your words carefully, mull over the message, and make the right choice before delivering your speech. After all, Churchill’s remarkable speech and his everlasting quote, “I have nothing to offer this house but blood, sweat, toil, and tears…” marked an epochal event in the course of the war itself and helped inspire millions to join the war effort.

While no one is asking you to make a speech like Churchill or Gandhi, all that one expects from you is to understand the fact that words do indeed have the power to move mountains and even crush them all together to rubble in the process. So do take care when making a speech and while extempore is a good way to go about it, it would be a great idea to jot a few points down so that you can be on track. Above all, keep your speech of the right length and make sure you prep for it ahead, with words that are meant to inspire many and even help change our world for the better.