The Pros And Cons of Online Gaming

Online video games have occupied a prominent position in the entertainment lifestyle of children and adults alike.

On this sites, these games have been there for many years, but their popularity has recently shot up owing to the advent of smartphones and new forms of gaming consoles.

But their growth has thrown up several questions as well. Some people believe that they are an excellent way to pass the time, whereas others think these games are eating up society. Not everything can be completely good or bad. So, let us move ahead and discuss the pros and cons of online gaming.


Playing online video games comes with several advantages. We have tried to cover the best ones.

1. An excellent way to relax and enjoy


All of us work or study the entire day, and at the end of it, we just want a way to unwind and forget all our worries. Video games fill this gap by providing a source of entertainment coupled with thrill. There are others who would watch TV, Netflix, use social media or read a book during this time. And there are some who would play games.

2. Catch up with friends and connect with strangers

Another underrated benefit of online gaming is that it has the ability to bring together people from different locations on the earth, provided they are connected to the internet. There was no way for many of us to communicate to the outside world except for gaming and social media during the pandemic. Lockdowns prevented us from going out.

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3. Enhance vision

Many researchers have concluded that video games provide a surprising benefit to the players: an enhanced vision. After playing games for a while, players reported having a better differentiating power between distinct shades of gray.

Players also felt that they could detect movement in a better fashion than before. Their target spotting abilities also improved after playing a few games.

4. Improves your brain power


When you play video games, the parts in your brain that perform the functions of motor skills, memory, information organization, and decision-making are affected positively. As people become older, they should play more games to fine-tune these areas.

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Moreover, playing educational games to gain knowledge about a lot of stuff is fun. Children shy away from textbooks, but through the medium of games, they can enhance their reading skills, brain working speed, and concentration easily. They also teach the art of multitasking to young adults. The spirit of teamwork is also promoted.

5. Teaches life skills

Playing video games involves an element of risk-taking and making strategies. One learns how to be patient, persistent, and judge things effectively. You also learn how to develop new social contacts and connections. Video games also teach how to analyze something critically and focus on the present tasks. All these are valuable life skills.


All things in this world have their advantages and disadvantages. Online gaming is no exception to this rule. But their effect can be nullified only if one knows how to play games in moderation. Let us have a look at some of the drawbacks of online gaming.

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1. May cause addiction


The developer of video games creates them in such a way that the player gets addicted to them. So, one should know when to stop and exercise control. People who are not able to control their impulses or face trouble adjusting to a crowd are the ones who get addicted first.

This could be due to the fact that these people make up for their lack of real-world contact by finding solace in the virtual world. This kind of addiction could be severe if left unchecked.

2. Non-inclusive since I is required

Games that work on the internet have several benefits like auto-saving of progress etc. But, necessity can become a kind of restriction as well. More people around the globe are getting internet connections; it is unlikely that you are not connected to the web. But for some reason, when the internet is unavailable, it can get very frustrating, and you cannot play.

Moreover, people who do not have a stable internet connection or don’t have one at all might feel left out since they won’t be able to play the same games as their peers.

3. Is diminishing social relationships

Instead of forming human contact in the real world, some people prefer to interact in the virtual world using the medium of games. When one spends a long time in front of the console or computer, they can’t spend it outside with their friends or family. Even though you can connect to new people playing games, it cannot act as a replacement for real interactions.

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4. Deficit of physical activity


If one spends more time on online games, they waste the time they could have spent on physical activity. Most games are played while sitting down and involve little to no exercise. If someone wants to spend most of their time playing games, they should take some time for exercise and physical activity to maintain an active lifestyle.

5. Can cause obesity

Research has shown that the more time you spend playing games, the chance of you becoming overweight increases. Not performing any motion and playing continuously can lead to muscle pain also. Additionally, if you get addicted, you might start losing sleep as well, which can cause obesity.


Video games won’t cause any severe harm provided you are not playing them for a longer duration. You are free to play games during your leisure time to avoid boredom but keep doing different activities to make your life active and exciting.

Play games to make the most of their benefits. Explore some educational games too that can add to your knowledge and boost your brain. Limit the number of hours in a day for playing games, and don’t play beyond that.