Speech on Respect

Do you ever feel like you are being taken for granted and that no one is respecting you? Well, remember the old saying that you need to earn your respect – well, that still applies today. You need to stand up for yourself and make your presence felt. You need to let your partner know that she cannot take you for granted and above all, that your wishes too must be respected.

Speech on respect

Chances are that you may have had a similar dialogue with your loved one in the recent past and equally likely, is the fact that it did not lead to expected results. That’s because you did not do it right and then decided to let things stand as it is, which only underscored the fact that you do not even respect yourself to stand up for your own rights. So how on earth do you expect others to do the needful when you are not willing to do anything?

Respect is something that we all need and must earn; otherwise, we will have no choice but to become mute spectators. The first thing you must do is to highlight what you bring to the table and to the relationship itself. You must be positive and confident at all times; it is this confidence that will enable others to sit up and take note of you. You must also speak your own mind; granted you would not want to start an argument but that’s no excuse to let others walk over you. You need to stress the importance of the relationship but also make it clear that “not being respected” is a deal-breaker. You need to make it clear to your partner as to your thoughts on the matter and why you feel the way you do so at the moment.

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And you should also stop gossiping; nothing good comes out of it and if you turn into one big gossip, very few people are going to respect you enough to talk to you. This is why most couples have relationship problems because of a lack of adequate communication and respect. This is why it is important that you seek to build your relationship further, but not at the cost of losing your respect. At the end of the day, you need to respect yourself and stand up for your rights. Respect is a critical aspect of our social gatherings and one that we use as a validation tool.

Respect is a critical aspect that we all use to feel good about ourselves; it defines who we are and what we do. Without others respecting us, we are bound to be ignored, shelved to the background, and in short, transformed into a cellophane see-through paper. And try not to apologize after speaking your mind. That will only reaffirm that you do not respect yourself and chances are high that the other person will not either. To give others respect and to demand the same from our peers is but to be expected but the challenge lies in getting them to do so.