What is Roger Goodell’s Net Worth in 2024?

Roger Goodell is the commissioner of the National Football League, also known as, the NFL. The infamous commissioner has had his fill of both positive and negative press associated with his name. He’s been criticized for how he handled the whole Colin Kaepernick situation and how the league didn’t really properly react to its players being accused of domestic violence. Love him or hate him, he’s still extremely successful and you can see that in his net worth, so let’s find out what exactly it is.

Early Life

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You could say that Roger Goodell was born with a silver spoon, his parents were Jean and US Senator Charles Ellsworth Goodell. He was born in Jamestown, in New York. He attended Bronxville High School where he managed to be a three-sport star and in his fourth year in the school he was named the school’s athlete of the year.

After that he went on to attend college, Washington & Jefferson College in Washington to be specific, but he wasn’t really that interested in sports in that period of his life. He graduated from college and got a degree in economics in 1981.


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It is hard to believe, but Roger Goodell began his career by writing a letter to all 28 NFL teams in 1982 after which he got a position as an administrative intern for the league office in New York. Yes the commissioner of the NFL began his career at the bottom of the totem pole. After a year of working the New York Jets offered him a job as an intern before he accepted another one in the league office, working as a public relations department assistant in 1984. After three years of hard work he again started moving up that same totem pole, he started working as the assistant to the president of the American Football Conference, also known as the AFC.

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In 2001 he started working as the NFL Executive President and Chief Operating Officer and in 2006 he became the NFL’s commissioner.

As already mentioned, there are a lot of negative things associated with his name, but there are also a lot of good things. For instance, when he became the commissioner the league’s worth was a bit under $900 million but just 10 years later that number grew to $2.5 billion and the NFL has not stopped growing ever since.

Roger Goodell’s Net Worth

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His net worth is thought to be somewhere around $150 million and this shows he has had amazing success in his career. But he’s also a family man, he has twin daughters and is married to Fox News Channel anchor Jane Skinner.