Rachel “Minnie” Sharp (Luke Perry’s Wife) – Everything You Wanted to Know

You may not have heard of Rachel “Minnie” Sharp, but you certainly have Luke Perry, the star of the famous Beverly Hills 90210 series.

The relationship between the popular actor and this woman can be described as the Great Love. The love story began with her sending him a letter and a bra, and that move ended in marriage.
Luke Perry and Rachel Minnie Sharp were married in an intimate ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. There were only 50 guests at the ceremony, including all members of the hit series cast that made him famous.

In the early 90’s at the time of the most significant popularity of the series “Beverly Hills 90210,” Luke Perry was the biggest idol of teenagers, girls around the world were crazy about him, he was on the covers of all magazines. He received letters from fans around the world, and one letter was it was fateful.

A letter arrived at his address from Rachel Minnie Sharp, who introduced herself as his biggest fan and sent him a bra with the message.

Since he became famous in the series’ Beverly Hills’, Luke Perry has regularly received letters from fans who have periodically haunted him. Among them were furniture dealers and model Rachel Minnie Sharp who once sent him a bra to his home address.

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– Along with the numerous letters I received, I found a bra packed in a box. I can’t say if that move won me over at first, but it was certainly brave and different from anything I’ve experienced so far. I can say with certainty that she is my biggest fan – Perry once said, and Rachel excused herself.

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– I’m not saying that my move is insulting, but it is certainly bold and courageous. I think that’s what won Luke over, that dose of my playful spirit. Along with the bra, I wrote him a message that I was his biggest fan. I didn’t miss a single episode of the series he starred, and I pasted his photos over the bed,” Rachel said.

Rachel and the irresistible actor met and fell in love, and a wedding soon followed. They wanted to flee to Las Vegas to say a fateful ‘yes’ secretly, but the media ruined their plans. A private wedding ceremony was held in 1993 in a circle of about fifty people and friends.

They were married in an intimate ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. There were only 50 guests at the ceremony, including all members of the hit series cast that made him famous, writes People.

– When we met, I couldn’t believe it was happening. I felt both nervousness and indescribable happiness at the same time. I am his wife now. If someone had told me that it would happen, I would never have believed him – said Rachel, who gave birth to his daughter Sophie and son Jack.

Their love lasted for ten years, and in 2003 they divorced. No one suspected that their marriage would come to an end because they were never prone to scandals. They did not want to reveal the reason for the divorce, and the actor tried to hide his next love romances. Yet, just as they associated him with many women before marriage, like Yasmine Bleeth and Kelly Preston, so they did after a love crash.

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A few years after the divorce, he was on a date with Renée Zellweger (49), and the journalists did not miss it. They walked the streets of New York, enjoyed socializing together, but it didn’t last. The actor stated that the most important thing for him is to get new roles and return to television.

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After Jennie Garth, Kelly from ‘Beverly Hills’ divorced, rumors surfaced that her relationship with Perry was little more than business. Together they came to the opening of a store in Los Angeles.

They also wrote the script for the sitcom.

– Jennie is a beautiful person and, above all, my friend. We were lovers only on set, and in private life, we ​​were always just friends. I highly appreciate and respect her, and I know it’s mutual –

Perry denied the rumors.

Two years ago, Luke appeared on the red carpet with a then-unknown brunette. Her name was learned to be Wendy Madison Bauer, and the couple was engaged until his death. Recall, Luke passed away at the age of 53 from the effects of a stroke.

The actor, who passed away from a stroke, is described by everyone as a caring dad. The latter always came to parent-teacher meetings at school and took children to extracurricular activities.
After a routine examination, the actor was diagnosed with a growth associated with colon cancer. After he was cured, he engaged in raising awareness about the importance of regular medical examinations.

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The famous actor’s premature departure was also confirmed by his spokesman Arnold Robinson, and the family asked for respect for privacy. “The family appreciates the support and prayers for Luke that come from all over the world and respectfully demand privacy at this time of great mourning,” the statement said.

The news of Luke Perry’s death came just a day after the legendary cast of the “Beverly Hills 90210” series confirmed the reunion.

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Recall, Luke began his career in the early 80s of the last century, but to get the role that made him famous was not an easy path, as he admitted in an interview with the famous Whoopi Goldberg in the 90s. Before he got his first role in a television commercial, he applied for as many as 215 acting jobs in New York, where he came from his native Ohio. Meanwhile, he was a waiter, paving roads and repairing shoes to raise money for acting classes.

After appearing in the music video for the song “Be Chrool to Your Scuel band Twisted Sister, Luke was given roles in the soap operas “Loving” and “Another World”.