The Role of Graphic Design in Marketing

It seems that the role of graphic design has never been more important for marketing, than today. Partly because we live in times of digital marketing, and a lot of what we consume is decided based on the visuals certain product has. And graphic design is all about visuals.

For a company to be taken seriously and create a good image in this turbulent environment, a good design is essential. This article will explain what is its main role, starting with what graphic design is.

What is graphic design?


One can say it is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences of visual and textual content. It can include various things, such as illustrations, photographs, words, or graphics. A person specialized in such design uses a combination of image, illustration, and lettering (creates a visual object) to communicate a specific idea (adapt to a specific purpose). This is why it can be used for different purposes, from informing and persuading, to educating. Having all this in mind, one can’t help to think about how broad its use is, as it is utilized for educational, cultural, political, and, of course, commercial purposes.

Thanks to technological advancement, graphic design has gone way past two-dimensional objects, and today deals with three-dimensional ones, such as industrial design, packaging design, etc. In a way, its function is to give shape and form to information and to shape a meaningful product.

What is its main role?

According to Brandripe, when it comes to business organizations, it is the main part of the entire business process that connects you with the target audience. It is responsible for creating the visual identity of an organization. The visual identity of a business organization consists of colors, logos, packaging, texts, and letters… In short, it is a graphic book of standards that every company should own. As such, it is applied to all visual forms, from traffic signs to inscriptions on objects, magazines, books, manuals, packaging, billboards, posters, and even cars.

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How important is it, for a business?


Its importance when it comes to the commercial sector is reflected in the impact it has on product sales. The greatest value of graphic design lies in the message behind the “plain sign” that viewers understand and that leaves an impression on them. The choice of colors, characters, font, type of letters, and everything else contributes to the meaning of that message. The role of designers is to use their communication skills to convince customers to sell them a product. Design lets customers know who you are and what you do and can attract new customers. And just like everything else, in designing you start with what you want to convey to potential customers and what is the mission of your company.

The main goal of every business is to create a recognizable brand and to achieve recognition and identification, it starts with graphic design. That’s why it is the art of persuasion and brand promotion, so creativity is of crucial importance here. Visual identity increases the value of the organization itself and has a positive impact on existing and new customers. Creating a good design also means being original and transferring ideas into works in a new and unusual way. Design is not just there to make things more beautiful, but to be effective, that is, to encourage and convince potential customers.

Do you need a designer to achieve all this?

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Whether it’s a project or a small business, you need a graphic designer, but certainly not as much as large organizations. If you intend to present yourself as a serious entrepreneur and for anyone to take you seriously, the image you send to colleagues and potential customers should be a reflection of professionalism in business. Creating a logo and other visual identity elements is the first step in the project presentation. And because of the limited budget, you will probably use social networks as advertising channels, and that is the second step. The graphic designer already has experience with such types of ads and knows how to build a brand according to consumer preferences. You will probably use a lot of advertising and promotional material for advertising, such as flyers, invitations, and similar things. For this also you need a good designer.

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Here’s an example of how important it is to do these things well. A new company on the market is looking for a partner for transportation and delivery functions. 10 representatives of competing companies from that domain came to the meeting, they all had a nice chat and presented what they do, and at the end of the day, the client company has to choose a partner.

And although everyone offered and promised similar benefits, there is only one ‘winner’ – the company with the best presentation. If the design of that presentation was generic, boring, etc. the client is unable to discern the benefits of partnering with that company because it does not see the difference between them and the 8 others who applied.

But that one company, which managed to get the client’s attention with its visuals, has the opportunity to highlight all the details, and the client will surely choose the one that left a positive impression not only on the ears but also on the eyes.

Wrapping up

It is always necessary to have a high-quality and original design, no matter what product you present to the market. A recognizable and creative design will make all the difference between profit, i.e. success and failure of a product or a complete brand. Before you tackle the visual identity yourself, consult a professional who will help you put your ideas into action originally and creatively. You may have great ideas, but you don’t know how to convey them to customers in the right way, so leave that part of the work to the experts. It is better to pay more once for a high-quality and efficient design service than to repeatedly pay smaller amounts and have the work not done well. It’s simple: would you hire any unskilled laborer off the street to build your house? Of course not! Then take care of who designs for you and what kind of impression you leave on potential customers.

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