5 Signs Your Ecommerce Business Needs a Better Packaging Solution

Is there anything better than getting a long awaited package in the mail containing your internet shopping? Probably not. The sheer convenience and ease of buying things online and having it delivered to your doorstep is so great that people have stopped going to their local shops. What is more, those shops themselves are largely developing ecommerce solutions in order to meet the demands of an increasing number of customers who want to remain in the comfort of their home and still shop. In order for a business to effectively carry out this service and have the customers return for more, they have to think about a lot of different factors. The most important, and obvious, is the packaging.

Depending on what your business sells and what the features of your products are, you will require a certain type of packaging. There is an incredibly wide selection of packages available depending on the size, shape, value, and material of the products shipped inside them. The one(s) you pick for your product(s) needs to be suitable and make sense, or else the package will not arrive in good shape. This could lead to the reputation of your business being tarnished and ruined, so you have to make sure you are doing a good job with it.

If you are struggling with your ecommerce packaging solutions and trying to figure out the right one, we are here to help. In the article right here and right now, we will talk about the signs that point to your business needing a better packaging solution. Remember, packaging can literally make or break the whole business and it is a crucial cog in the whole machinery of your operation. In case you wish to find out more info about this, make sure to check out luchtkussengigant.nl and browse their packaging solutions.

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1. Returned Damaged Goods

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First and foremost, the biggest sign that your ecommerce is struggling and that your packaging solution could not be worse is the fact that you are receiving returns on a regular basis. And not returns due to the customers not being happy, but damaged goods due to poor packaging. If the product was damaged in transport, it means that the box or whatever else it was wrapped in did not do its job. The result is your business losing money on transportation and broken goods without any revenue coming back. If such a scenario starts happening to you, it means that the packages you or your partners have chosen is poor and is doing everyone a disservice.

2. Customer Complains

Not every customer is willing to go through the process of returning and having to wait for a second package to arrive. In addition, not all products are damaged if the packaging is damaged. Even if they are, certain things are still useful so they are fine with it. However, they will let you and your business know if and where you made a mistake. Customer complaints in the form of reviews and ratings are crucial for the online survival of a modern business. It is enough for a company to get a bad name if a few bad situations happen and the people take to the comment sections with their experiences. It is important that you pay close attention to what they are saying on the web. If you notice a lot of complaints regarding the packages, react swiftly and change it while you still can.

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3. You Use Poor Materials

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Not everyone will realize exactly what kind of cardboard or bubble wrap you are using, but you and your employees will know. The poorer the quality of the packaging, the more problems you are bound to have. Some cardboard and plastic solutions are very poor, so much so that they cannot withstand any sort of physical damage. Similarly, you will need to protect certain items from the weather conditions. Again, many of the cheaper ones are not capable of giving you this protection. It is smarter to pick a slightly more expensive packaging solution that have to constantly lose money with repackaging and reshipping of goods.

4. Nobody Is Complementing It

We talked about the ratings and reviews already and how you will know that what you have going on is not enough. However, the same goes if nobody is picking out the packaging as being above average, interesting, or even good. If you hear nothing about it, it means that a lot more can be done in terms of design and protection. Remember that customers cherish visual things whatever they may be. They also treasure well-made boxes almost as much as the items because they are a set after all.

If you take some time and invest a bit more into a packaging solution that represents your business, your brand, and your product more, you will surely get recognized for it and everyone will associate you with good service. Be different and unique and have a box that is gun to look at, one that complements the product itself in the best way possible.

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5. Spending Too Much and Not Thinking About the Planet

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In an era where environmental issues are widely present in everyone’s consciousness, you need to think about how much your business is doing to help the planet. Alternative packaging solutions that are biodegradable and those that use as little plastic and barely dissolvable materials are the future, and you need to be a part of it. In an effort to push this culture forward, there are many affordable solutions out there that are probably cheaper than what you are spending right now. Think about how and where you can change your boxes and wrapping both to lower the spending and help save the planet. Recycled materials are usually cheaper than those made to be used for the first time. Pick them every time and you will have more money on the table to spend on other important things within your business. Learn more about packaging and the entire order fulfillment process at https://redstagfulfillment.com/3pl-definition-process-resources/.