3 Signs your Eyelashes are Thinning and 3 Prevention Tips

Our eyelashes are a very sensitive and vulnerable part of the body. While they may not often get the same amount of exposure as other body parts do when it comes to figuring out their problems, we should still make sure to educate ourselves on the issues they could be susceptible to. That’s why today we are both revising the signs of your eyelashes thinning and how to prevent that.

Signs your eyelashes are thinning

Just like with every other problem, you’ll be able to properly see what’s going on with your eyelashes before the problem escalates. All it takes is timely action and a bit of knowledge on the matter.

1. There are empty or crude areas on your eyelashes

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The most telltale sign of your eyelashes falling out are odd, problematic spots that show up on them. These areas could be a bit subtler or rather obvious. Subtler areas that signify the loss of eyelashes should be spotted during closer inspection where you’ll notice that the area isn’t quite as thick and may be comprised only out of a few eyelashes. The more apparent showcase of this issue will be when you spot the area with no eyelashes at all or with weird shapes of empty space.

2. You already have some health issues that will lead to eyelash thinning

Diagnosis of certain illnesses and issues can be as much of a telltale sign of problems to come as anything else. These health problems include chronic inflammatory disease, alopecia, blepharitis, and many more. If you’ve been diagnosed with any of these issues you may notice that the overall health of your body may suffer including the eyelashes.

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Blepharitis is even cited as one of the most frequent sources of eyelash loss in some places. The issue appears when clogged oil glands are located next to eyelashes. In these situations, the eyelash may get irritated and the follicle of it is rendered dysfunctional.

One of the symptoms of thyroid conditions is eyelash loss. This stems from the thyroid regulating hormones within the body and having too little or too many hormones within your body can lead to problems.

Alopecia causes overall hair loss. This can easily spread towards eyelashes causing them to thin out quickly.

3. You constantly keep finding eyelashes on your bed and clothing

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Some people have far thicker eyelashes so noticing the issue before it has escalated can be difficult for them. The first step specifically isn’t as easy to utilize when the business of the surrounding area may be obscuring the troublesome area.

In these situations, you should be capable of distinguishing that your eyelashes are falling out by checking the bed or your clothing. If there’s a ton of eyelashes accumulating on them, you may have an eyelash thinning issue. Resolving these issues can be done so knowing how to detect them is pretty important.

Eyelash thinning prevention tips

The problem of your eyelashes falling out isn’t impossible to mitigate and prevent with proper treatment.

1. Visit a doctor

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Whatever the issue whose symptoms are eyelash loss may be, it’s smart to get a proper diagnosis before proceeding with any treatment. By getting a diagnosis you are not only going to get necessary items to treat your eyelash loss but get the opportunity to prevent this health issue from escalating too.

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This could also aid you in getting some prescription medication that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. By being able to keep up and follow your progress, doctors can adjust the treatment as they see fit. This includes adding new treatment methods that may simply require you to take better care of your health as well as prescribing medication.

2. Use an eyelash growth serum

Most of the problems that your body ends up in will come from improper or insufficient materials being ingested by it. It’s no different when it comes to eyelashes. Your lashes can be low on required vitamins and materials to properly maintain the thickness they once had. To reinforce this, we can utilize eyelash growth serums such as Nulastin.

These serums aim to provide your follicles with the right nutrients needed to grow hair. These are various materials we otherwise lack. By taking a lash growth serum we are capable of replacing the missing nutrients quickly and with little hassle. Eyelash Growth Serum can enhance the lashes even if they aren’t dealing with the problem of thinning lashes. The right type of serum can stop eyelash loss before it even crops up. That’s why we recommend you check out www.viebeauti.com where you can find all the necessary details about their eyelash growth serums and other items that could improve your physical health.

3. Don’t be too rough with the makeup remover

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A lot of people can get very rough when trying to remove their makeup, using rough and intense motions to remove it rather than more surface-touching ones. The problem with this is that it can irritate the eyelashes and directly cause your lashes to fall out in some situations. After all, if you are rough with a body part it only makes sense it’ll start to get affected.

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To put this to a stop we recommend engaging in much gentler care and makeup removal routines. Knowing the composition and way of application of the items you use could be a difference between a comfortable removal of makeup and a damaging one.

Look into the available items and see what reviews the people who used them leave. Seek out more effective and less rough ways of removing makeup to protect your eyelashes. Of course, other parts of your face would also suffer if you proceeded to use rough makeup removers. That’s why we suggest looking about and asking around for the perfect one.


The severity of your eyelash loss can vary but nevertheless, it’s a problematic thing to endure. Sometimes we can easily hide it with mascara or other items but in other situations, the problem is much grander. To avoid having to deal with thinning eyelashes we suggest learning how to recognize the issue and taking care of it beforehand. Whether it’s a symptom of a separate health issue, repercussions of using harsh makeup removers, or something matters for the type of treatment you should employ.