Speech on Junk Food

Junk food – even mentioning the topic is bound to get the mouth-watering, right? It is hard not to think of hot steaming pizzas with the melted cheese on the top anytime someone mentions junk food. You may want to take a closer look and you are bound to spot grease sticking to the pizza; the fact remains that junk food is extremely unhealthy for you. Recent studies have clearly established the link between junk food and obesity and the fact that the recent spurt in diabetes among young children is mainly on account of the same. To help put it in perspective,  it was discovered that the number of diabetics across the world had trebled to 422 million over the last thirty years and one of the main causative factors for the same was obesity and junk food.

Speech on Junk food

The problem is not that the junk food contains little by way of essential nutrients which they do – take your pick, from potato chips, fries to pizzas and you’ll find that junk food contains an extremely low amount of essential nutrients. What’s more, some of the junk food that we consume today or for that matter processed food often have certain items such as fiber removed which is an essential nutrient that our body requires. In fact, fibers are an essential component of our regular diet and they play a key role in regulating circulation and in cleaning the body of various toxins. Apart from these, most junk and processed food often contain trans-fats which help to raise the levels of bad cholesterol or LDL in your body and can impact your cardiovascular health in the long run. This is why most doctors would ask you to avoid all food items that contain trans-fats and junk food in general, happens to be loaded on the same.

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If that does not make you contemplate junk food in a new light, how about this? Recently a study established the fact that a regular diet of junk food can impact your cognitive abilities and as a result, cause you to experience memory loss more frequently. The fact that junk food contains little or no essential nutrients will impact the health of your body and the fact that most junk food comes loaded with sugar, in the form of high fructose corn syrup. This can trigger your body to break it down and store the same as fat while causing your blood sugar levels to shoot up. As a result, you may end up developing diabetes once you cross the threshold limit. So you need to ensure that you avoid junk food at all costs; read up more on the same so that you become more aware of the sort of food items you need to avoid. Focus more on the instant, readymade food or organic food rather than the processed sort. You need to take better care of your health and only then, you would be in a position to take better care of your kids and it all starts by saying no to junk foods.