Why Are Some Coffees Better And More Expensive Than Others?

We assume that you are probably one of the many people in the world that are drinking coffee. There is no better way to start your day than drinking a cup of fresh, flavor coffee that you enjoy the most.

However, as you probably notice there are differences between coffee in terms of the price. What are exactly those factors that influence the difference in the price?

There are so many different difficulties involved in coffee farming as well as the production that is influencing its final price. Let’s take a look at those factors that are influencing coffee costs and why some types are more expensive than others.

Over time The Farming of Coffee Has Changed

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The truth is that the quality of the coffee that we are purchasing today on the market is way different than the quality of the coffee that was acceptable in the past.

Over time, the popularity of coffee started to grow and now the demand for coffee is higher than ever. Therefore, coffee started to be farmed for quantity and not for quality.

One of the biggest reasons why coffee is more expensive than others lies in the fact that farmers started to change how they are farming the coffee breed and where.

The most quality coffee is grown in specific areas and in that way premium coffee beans are created. Logically, when the coffee is high quality and has better flavor thanks to the specific farming, the final price is increased.

There are some Labor Costs and Other Expenses

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The process of getting specific coffee from the coffee farms to the barista who serves you a cup of one is not easy at all. One of the difficulties lies in the fact that there are so many different business and management fields involved as well as labor costs. At the moment when the coffee reaches you, many processes are conducted.

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The cost of labor is rising steadily, therefore the sale cost of coffee everywhere in the world is rising as well. In general, even the slightest increase in the coffee sale price can cause massive inflation in coffee prices in the world.

If the wholesale prices of the coffee go any lower, the farmers will not be able to afford to farm the coffee any longer. Therefore, the cost of coffee should not be increased not today and not in the sooner future.

What about the Supply and Demand?

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Supply and demand are factors that significantly influence the price of different types of coffee today. There are some specific trends in the coffee industry that are affecting the disruption in the supply coffee system as well as the demand chain. Logically that the price of some specific coffee that is in trend and demand will be higher than the coffee that is not so trendy.

Some coffee trends can even be increased overnight. However, if the supply can meet the demands we can freely say that the financial effect of coffee trends will tend to go surely.

Coffee that comes with premium quality is highly demanded and because of that, it is far more expensive than some other bags of coffee on the market. Moreover, there are some other elements that are influencing premium-level coffee despite the supply and demand ones.

Environment and Climate Change Are Also Important Factors

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In today’s world, we can not neglect the fact that the environmental impacts that include climate change are negatively affecting overall coffee farming. This is a devastating thing for coffee farmers.

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More precisely, farmers are required to seek a new area where they can grow coffee plants. On the other hand, the farming businesses that are highly experienced and doing this job for decades are closing down one by one because of climate-changing.

These environmental problems are really influencing the overall coffee exportation and they are the reason why some coffee prices are increasing. For instance, a country that really dominated the coffee industry was Haiti.

However, due to the environmental negative factors, things are changed. Haiti suffered so many earthquakes and different climate events that devasted completely the farming area.

Some other factors that are influencing the price of the coffee:

Origin of the coffee

The final price of some particular coffee, the product will depend on the origin of that coffee. More precisely, you will need to find the answer to the question of where does that coffee come from.

The coffee from the country that is produced in a huge quantity will come at a lower price. On the other hand, if some country is not considered a big producer, that coffee will cost more.

Availability of the coffee

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One more thing that will affect the price of some certain type of the coffee refers to the fact of how available that coffee brand is. In other words, the rarer the coffee brand is, it is more likely that the price of those products will be more expensive compared to some other brands which products can be easily found.

When some coffee beans is more prevalent, the price of the final coffee product will be much reasonable. This means that the supply is higher and all the customers that want to purchase that coffee brand will be able to that effectively and easily. A demand for some product is actually represented through the price and this is the main reason why some coffees are more expensive than the other ones.

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Finally, if you are looking to find the answer on the question why some coffee brand is more expensive than the others, you will find the answer in the term of certification that coffee brand has. You need to find a reliable, credible and reputable coffee brand if you want to consume high-quality product.

As  you probably saw on the market there are truly a wide range of different coffee brands. However, you need to find the one which quality you will actually trust. For finding the premium-quality and organic coffee, you can visit melmas.at