Speech on Societies

It is hard to imagine that our societal fabric could have evolved suddenly rather than being a part of a gradual process but a recent study based on archeological and anthropological evidence makes the claim that humans evolved into societies all of a sudden, that there was a sudden explosion of clans, communities, and societies rather than a gradual build-up. Granted that we are all social animals and societal interactions form the backbone of our society and by the expansion of our economy. That still begs the question as to why we had all decided to lump together into close-knit groups.

Speech on Societies

Speech on Societies

In fact, one of the oldest communities, and also home to the oldest religion in the world the Brahmins provides us with the best example of why communities and societies formed in the first place. Here are some of the base reasons as to why a sudden explosion of societies exploded onto the scene, around 10,000 BC.

  • Security: Remember, this was a time when there was a surplus of predators from saber-toothed tigers to scimitar cats, and that’s without taking into account the various challenges that early man had to face. Given these challenging circumstances, it made sense for small-sized family units to come together and form close-knit tribes. One of the main reasons for all these communities to come into being was the fact that most were primarily seeking some form of security and protection. After all, there is greater strength and protection in numbers and that was the basic premise that eventually led to the creation of the first city-states around 10000 B.C.
  • Food: This was also the time of the ice ages when food was sparse at best; often hunters had to travel long distances to hunt their prey and it made sense for communities to unite and hunt as a pack. That was the only way that they could hunt large prey such as the woolly mammoth to near extinction. As a society, the whole community was much more effective in resourcing food and water, than they ever could as a single family unit.
  • Shelter: One of the other main reasons for the formation of societies was the invention of farming when it made more sense to settle down and build an encampment that provided the local population with necessary shelter from the elements. Apart from that, it also enabled them to store food and other resources effectively so that the whole community could weather the lean periods. This led to the formation of the first city-states along with fortified walls.

Speech on Societies

These are some of the basic reasons as to why societies formed and why it forms an integral part of everything that we do today. Even though it may seem that we all belong to different communities with our own ethnic and racial backgrounds, the fact remains that at a certain point in our distant past, we were all part of the same grouping and chances are, that we may even share a common ancestor.

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