Speech on Myself

If I were to ask each and every one of you to get up here and talk about “myself”, what would be the first thing that you would talk about? Yourself, right? Fair enough but when you are asked to talk about myself, the beginning would be a good place to start and our development to what we are today. As a person,  if asked to define me I would start with the fact that I belong to one of the most dominant species on planet earth and move on from here to the fact that the human brain contains the same amount of neurons as there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy.

Speech on Myself

When asked to talk about myself, we are often given to introspecting how far we have come in life as a species. The fact remains that most of us are made of the same biological materials as the rest of humanity and yet, there is something that sets us apart. I am not talking about physical characteristics or lack of any but rather one that concerns the ‘self’. This ‘self’ is what sets each one of us apart from others, and helps to give us our identity, and furthermore dictates our thoughts and actions.

This is the one that we use to define ourselves and the really surprising fact is that this ‘self’ or our personality is what defines the ‘myself’, more so than anything else you may have considered. In fact, you could argue that when it comes to this particular term, it is a combination of DNA, genetics, and the individual personality that helps to guide our very thoughts and actions. So while we may all share the same biological makeup, the innate differences in our genetic makeup to our personalities, helped to create the person that we are today.

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Contrary to common perception, genetics plays a pivotal role in personality development. Let me put it this way, ever since we first started to become wary of animals that hunted early man it is been hardwired into us genetically to always travel in pairs and to avoid traveling in the night. Well, this is why even today we have this tendency to travel as a group and to avoid night travel at all costs. This genetic memory is one that most species share and that is why genetics continue to play an important role as they help to shape our very personality.  This is why you would want to consider this when discussing myself. More to the point, even your taste can be said to be a byproduct of genetic memory and that our very personality is but an amalgamation of the same.  So the next time you head over to McDonald’s or to another quaint restaurant, you may want to consider that the fact you are gorging mainly on account of the fact that early man had so little so essentially you are making up for a lost time in more ways than one.