6 Best Spy Movies on Netflix – 2024 Guide

You must agree that one of the best streaming services out there is Netflix. You can watch critically acclaimed movies there, blockbusters, favorite TV shows, or discover something new that you didn’t know existed.

Something that happens almost to everyone once in a while is a moment when you don’t know what to watch. It’s the same in real life – sometimes, when you have too many options, you get overwhelmed and don’t know what to choose. And the lousiest thing that can happen is to decide not to watch anything at all. It’s always such a shameful situation when that happens because there are so many great features on Netflix.

So that doesn’t happen to you, you’ve made a list of the most badass spy movies that are featured on Netflix. If you want to watch a good old school spy movie, it is full of pure gems of that genre.

And believe us, there will be something for everyone, so let’s dig in.

1. The Lives of Others (2006)

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We need to begin our list with this masterpiece. If you haven’t already seen it, prepare yourself to be blown away. But, you need to know that this movie isn’t about blowing things up or using cool gadgets that don’t exist in real life. It’s about life – life in East Germany, and the way things were back in that time. The story of this Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s movie follows an agent of the infamous Stazi on a mission to conduct surveillance on a writer and his love interest. The movie portrays the surreal life of every citizen in East Germany, and what they had to endure during these times. If you want to watch something intriguing, breathtaking, and bizarre – do watch this movie.

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2. The Informant! (2009)

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Who doesn’t love Matt Damon? We surely do, and you will, too, after watching this movie by Steven Soderbergh. Prepare yourself for a hilarious comedy, which has premises of a drama also. Matt plays Mark Whitacre, an executive that becomes a whistle-blower. He finds himself caught up in a stream of ridiculous circumstances that will make you laugh and cry. Matt does a great job portraying a typical Midwestern that starts to believe he is a real-life spy.

3. Traitor (2008)

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This spy thriller will blow your mind if you love these kinds of movies. Guy Pearce and Don Cheadle are doing a marvelous job portraying their characters and adding up to the dramatic feel of the movie. An FBI agent heads to investigate a dangerous international conspiracy, but he never knew that everything would lead back to a former U.S. soldier. The movie is everything that you’ve wanted from a spy thriller movie, and you will be on edge throughout the whole thing.

4. xXx (2002)

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Maybe you’ve watched it, maybe you didn’t – but you certainly didn’t expect this title to be on this list. But we had to incorporate it because sometimes you just need to watch a movie that will make you laugh and something that will make you relax your brain after a lousy day. This is the movie that will do all of that. It’s funny, a bit silly, and undoubtedly it will make you forget about all of the things that made you feel awful. Vin Diesel is a genius, and this movie is a real gem when you need something that isn’t very smart. The movie itself isn’t deep at all, but it has everything that a Hollywood movie needs to have. Risky stunts, pretty woman, Vin Diesel’s muscle arms, fast cars, funny moments, and things that get blown up are just some of the moments you will absolutely love. So, if you’ve had a bad day, this movie is the right choice to unwind, laugh, and relax.

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5. The Tourist (2010)

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If you love Angelina Jolie and her movies, you will love this one. She plays a spy that decides to use a tourist played by Johnny Depp in her plans. But, there is always a twist, and in this movie, it’s a good one. You need to watch it to see if Angelina’s character has gotten herself in something that big, even for her. The movie is a drama, but some severe comedy traits make you laugh and leave you wanting more.

6. The Chosen (2016)

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We love including movies on our lists that are foreign, just like we did with The Lives of Others. And in that style, we bring you a Spanish speaking movie, The Chosen. The movie is set in 1940, following the murder of Leon Trotsky, and you will have an opportunity to travel from Barcelona to Mexico. Alfonso Herrera plays Jacques Mornard and does an incredible job of it. If you love Spanish speaking movies and movies set in this period, The Chosen is worth watching.

This is it; we’ve come to the end of our list, but don’t be sad. We’re going to give you more amazing suggestions, but for now, this is enough. We recommend you make a movie marathon, watch every movie from this list, or choose the ones that seem to be just the style you like.

We’ve told you that there will be something for anyone on this list, and we didn’t lie. You can watch something that will make you laugh out loud or unwind after a hard day. Or you can watch something that needs all your attention. Some movies will make you think about life, and that will leave you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

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Now you just need some popcorn, or nachos, or your favorite snack, a Netflix account, and you are ready to go. You now have enough movies to watch for at least a week or so – depending on your dynamic.
Do you like our suggestions, and do you have something to add to this list that we didn’t mention? Tell us your favorite spy movies, and what we need to add to the list next time.