Speech on Stress

Stress is a global killer and yes, it is quite insidious which is why you often do not notice the warning sign until it is too late to do anything about it. There are various ways that stress can impact both you and your body, leading to you developing several health issues in the long run. The effects of stress on your body is much more if you happen to have a compromised immune system or happen to have high blood pressure or are a diabetic or a combination of both. Stress levels can creep up suddenly depending on your emotive reactions to certain events or circumstances which are beyond your control.

Speech on stress

That’s why we often feel much stressed out about the death of a loved one and attending the funeral only serves to increase this further. Chances are that you have already been exposed to certain conditions that stressed you out from acute poverty and not having a single cent to buy anything to being a spectator to something sad and being unable to do anything about it. These are just two examples but it should tell you that stress can be caused by anything and it all comes down to how mentally equipped you are to be able to adapt to the challenges.

If you are not mentally equipped to handle these changes, then you will feel stressed out and your stress levels could shoot all the way up. For example, the death of a loved person can leave you longing for that person for a long time, a process we call pining and this can result in high levels of stress as your brain struggles to cope with the change.

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The problem though is that even though there are several things you can do to reduce the stress, we rarely take the effort or find the time to do so. As a result, chronic stress can build up in your body, leading stress, and the resultant adrenaline to cause oxidative damage to the various tissues of your body. Additionally, stress has been closely linked with both strokes and cardiovascular events; often high stress combined with a weakened immune system can induce strokes and can even impact your respiratory system as a result of the same. In other instances, high-stress levels can trigger heart attacks by causing your heart to beat faster. And if the stress is not treated in time, it can even impact the person mentally, to the point that they lose all touch with reality.

This is why it is important that we do not internalize stress and instead take effective measures to bring down our stress levels. Often following a healthy fitness regimen should work wonders for your stress levels – it could be anything from swimming to going to a jog, and the resultant physical activity should help lower down stress levels effectively. Moreover, yoga is known to work wonders for lowering stress levels; it is important that we take action right away so that we can lower our stress levels and lead a healthy, normal life.