Top 11 Indicators It’s Time to Move to a Bigger Home

Everyone wants that perfect home – one with all the features they love and enough space to accommodate their lifestyle and families. However, regardless of how much you love your current home, at one point, you may feel like you need to move to a bigger space.

To determine whether now is the right time to move to a bigger house, you should first take an honest look around your current home. Apart from getting the extra space you need, a bigger house will also signify financial stability and success. However, consider the following indicators if you’re unsure whether now is the right time to upsize.

Your family is growing


Whether you intend to move your elderly parents into your home or you’re expecting a baby, adding more people means that you’ll need more space. More people in your home also means more demand for bathroom space, more stuff in your home, and so on.

Therefore, if you’re planning to add family members to your home, then your need for more living space will increase. Ideally, you will need more:

  • Bathrooms: When getting ready to welcome a new family member, you will need an extra bathroom.
  • Bedrooms: If you’re going to add another family member to your home, you will need an extra room. Kids, especially, can only share bedrooms for a limited amount of time.

You entertain guests, frequently

If you entertain guests frequently, you need a perfect home for dinners, parties, and get-togethers. This means that your home should have plenty of room for your guests to mingle without bumping into each other.

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Therefore, if you often host social events at your home and feel that it’s becoming too crowded, you should highly consider moving to a new house.

You need more storage


Whether you’re expecting a new baby or your elderly parents, the need for more storage space can be a reason for you to move to a bigger home. Consider the space available, and if your suitcases, coats, and fitness equipment are spilling into your living room, you should consider upsizing.

In addition, if your current home barely has enough room for all occupants, let alone occasional guests, then you will need to move to a new house.

You’re unable to fit your hobbies in your current house

Have you picked up welding, woodworking, crafting, or any other hobby, and you constantly find yourself using your kitchen or dining room table? If you have a really important hobby and it doesn’t fit in your small home, you should definitely move into a bigger house. This is the case if your home doesn’t have a full-size basement.

You want a different neighborhood or school system


You may have bought your first home without considering the neighborhood or school system. However, you may want to upsize now, especially if you have kids who will enroll in school soon. Although upsizing when moving to a new neighborhood is important, you should also consider the location of the house.

It would help to work with experienced real estate agents who know a lot about the neighborhoods in the area. You can click here to get in touch with experienced real estate agents.

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You always misplace your items

The secret to having a well-organized home is to have a spot for all your items. However, if you don’t have a spot for all your items and you repeatedly misplace your things, you should get a bigger house.

You can afford a bigger house


You can move to a bigger home if your financial situation has changed. Therefore, if you’re now earning more than you used to, you’ve received your inheritance, or you’ve saved enough money to purchase your dream home, then you can invest in a bigger house.

There are numerous benefits of getting a bigger house, including more bathrooms, a bigger kitchen, a spacious living room, and an entertainment area.

You want a bigger garage

Whether you have a stocked tool bench or you’re planning to collect motorcycles, you may need a bigger garage than the one in your current home. A garage is especially important if you reside in an area with extreme winter weather. A bigger garage means that you won’t have to scrape snow from your windshield every morning.

The market is favorable

Another great indicator that now is the right time to invest in a big house is the low mortgage interest rates. However, keep in mind that nothing lasts forever, and the interest rates may start to rise again soon.

Therefore, even when you feel like you can hold onto your current situation for another year, you may want to pay more attention to changes in the market. If the current interest rates and home prices are favorable, consider taking the plunge into a bigger home.

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You’re working from home


Most companies have transitioned to work from home due to the pandemic. However, nearly half of all remote workers work from their living rooms or kitchens, and only a small percentage of all remote workers have a dedicated workspace. While working from home, you need a nice environment that is spacious and filled with natural light. Therefore, you may consider moving to a bigger house if you currently work from home without a dedicated workspace. More space will allow you to be productive, efficient, and organized.

You want a bigger lawn

If you have kids who are into sports like football, soccer, or baseball, you will need to get a house with a bigger lawn for them to practice. Typically, homes often come with bigger lawns. Buying a big home with a bigger lawn means you will be able to install a swimming pool, create a patio, porch, or bar.

It’s not easy to decide to move, especially to a bigger house. However, if you can relate to any of the above indicators, you should highly consider purchasing a bigger house.